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Help with High Hamstring Tendinopathy


I have had trouble with my left high hamstring for a couple years, but last fall (2015) it started hurting even when doing things like sitting in the car for more than 10 minutes. I went to the doctor and got an MRI and it showed an inflamed tendon. I started seeing I chiropractor who is doing manual therapy on it, has me strengthening my glute, and doing eccentric exercises. Everything I have found says this is the right approach and I think this guy really knows his stuff, but it just keeps getting worse. The last 2 weeks have been miserable. It basically hurts all the time. Driving is hell. It’s even getting tough to sleep. I’m starting to get very frustrated.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Any tricks or different approaches to try?


Have you considered Laser therapy? Ask the chiropractor if he has that. Is the chiropractor performing Active Release Technique (ART) or Graston technique?


Not sure if he has laser therapy, I will ask next time I am in. He is doing ART and Graston. Any pain or tightness I had in the middle of the hamstring/adductors is pretty much gone, but the pain in the tendon/sit bone area is worse than ever. It is hurts like heck to touch it anywhere in about a 1 inch diameter right where the sit bone is. Sitting/driving is brutal.


Well it sounds like you’re on the right path. It will also help to perform a few exercises to help increase pelvic and hip control.


I have high hamstring tendinopathy in both hamstrings. It was diagnosed by an Orthopedist. I’ve been in PT for about 3 weeks now. I’ve stopped any exercises that can compress that area (squats, deadlifts, etc.) I’m getting significant ART and cross friction on these sites. Second, they are working on correcting my pelvic tilt, which caused the hamstrings to take on more load. They are trying to get my glutes more involved. Stop deadlifting, squatting, sprinting; go to PT and start slowly back.