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Help with High Frequency Strength


Just noticed they have the Indigo-3G workouts up. was looking at the HFS and was wondering, week was is 12rm weight for 10 reps, then week 2 is +10lbs. when it says plus 10lbs for week 3, is it the same weight as week 2, or is it added so a total of 20+ lbs for week two. If anyone can post links to other HFS forums with answers or articles etc, it would be appreciated. If anyone wants to chime in, feel free and thanks guys.

P.S. im running the Hypertrophy program, if anyone wants to chime in with tips, results they had, any notes or observations, much appreciated.


+10 of the previous week, so it always adds up.

Those programs worked pretty good for a lot of people, but most will suggest to go with CT's current Layer method. It takes less time per workout, and is autoregulated.