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Help with Hernia

i have been doing squats, deadlifts, cleans, and snatches for about a year. i have always been very careful of keeping good form. recently during these excercises i have been getting a sharp burning pain in my lower abdomen below my belly button and to the left. the pain lasts for about 5 minutes and it is always on the first or second rep of the first set forcing me away from all of these excercises that i love so. it first happened about a week ago and every time i try to lift since.

first, this sounds like a developing hernia right?

second, does anyone know how i should nurse it and how long it may take to heal?

i would really appreciate any help you can give, as i really dont want to end up in the hospital with a hernia.


I think you may have to bite the bullet here and get surgury. The good news, however, is you could very well be back in the gym within a week. I was after mine was repaired.


Well something akin to mine. Only it was not a sharp burning pain but just a mild sensation. I stopped doing all exercises . The Doc checked and said nothing to worry, its not a hernia. So its not all lost for you , it could also be a myofacial pain.(Still my the pain refuses to go away ). You must go to a doctor and get it checked . The problem is that if its not evident i doubt any doc would advise a surgery .Good Luck anyway .

When I had my hernia there was no way I coupld lift, it hurt just getting in and out of bed, and walking. but they will try to reduce it (push it back in) by hand and if that doesnt work it will be surgery, if its a hernia, I also wouldnt mess around if it is a hernia. The good news is I didnt have the smae symptoms as you so you may not be dealing with a hernia.

well im not concerned that i have a full on hernia, just thought maybe this was signs of weakening or injury that could end up as a full blown hernia. thanks for the advice guys, imma go get it checked out by my friends older brother who is a sports medicine doctor/physical therapist