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Help with Headaches and Ear Fullness

Hi all first time posting here I hope I’m in the right spot,
40 year old healthy male Been exercising regularly since late teens always maintained a healthy diet no alcohol or drugs moderate smoker ya I know it sucks,
About one year ago in June 2018 I decided to do a Test E only cycle running 500mg weekly split into two pins mon and Thur,
Around week 4 I had to stop as I started to get really bad headaches around my eyes and temples, a clogged/full feeling in my right ear aswell as pulsating in my right ear that’s in rythym to my heartbeat, shortly after that I started to get hot flashes which went away within a couple days but all the other symptoms persisted so I stopped the cycle as I couldn’t deal with the constant headaches pressure in my ears and pulsating, I also noticed my right ear was very sensitive to loud sounds aswell as I could hear my own voice when I spoke loud within that ear,
The symptoms are always there but especially get worse with any kind of physical exertion for example exercising,
I’ve been to my family physician who referred me for CT scans MRIs bloodwork etc. I’ve been cleared of everything from migraines to high blood pressure to low testosterone levels to intracranial hypertension ear infection diabetes turbulent blood flow etc, I’m now being looked at for Eustachian tube dysfunction???
Just wondering if anyone out there with their experience have ever heard of or witnessed any kind of symptoms likethis while running a cycle or exercising, it would be really helpful to have some kind of input,
I’ve been suffering from this for almost a year and Ive completely lost my quality of life I’ve been on disability for the last six months as the symptoms are completely debilitating and I’m desperate to find some answers,