Help with HCG

I have 3 1500iu of hcg with 3 sterile water solutions. Seems the more I read the more confused I’m getting. I just want to use what I have to get me to my last pin, wait 2 weeks and start pct. This is my first cycle. Test e at 830 mg per week .5 adex eod. Also Have Clomid And Nova For Pct And Letro On hand. In the middle of 4th week in.

So from what I’ve read from research I need ba water. I can mix it and refrigerate it in separate vials. If Im doing math correctly, I’ll end up with 18 vials at 250 iu’s. Which I can take a dose of 250 iu’s eod. Sound right?

Dosing is right, but you don’t need 18 separate vials. Stop the hcg 4-5 days before pct.

I’d wait about 18 days after last pin to start pct as well

Thanks Buds. I don’t mean to sound like a idiot, but can you explain why I don’t need 18 vials or needles ready to go. Sorry I’m just confused.

Should be a multi dose vial correct? Or if your gonna preload syringes

Yea. I was going to preload. At least one vial at a time. I have 3 vials of hcg. Mostly I wanted to do the math correctly so I would plan the cycle out right.