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Help With HCG Protocol

i tried TRT before and gave me praipism suffered alot now again i started and same having unatural erection and long one afraid i get praipism again i am stopping test which i was doing 50mg e3d along with 12.5mg aromasin and HCG 250iu eod with 5iu HMG which caused bloat and all tool aromasin for that after one week i have these erection and a panic attack so dropping T need just fertility so i read all the stikies i am now confused i need help with HCG,HMG protocol for fertility i have aromasin, nolva, hcg,hmg,proviron, fanistried these erction i am having is from high DHT along with high rbc now some one please guide me with best course protocol i am sensitive to all medicine so i start low mostly i am prone to gyno retain water quickly get fatty quickly i workout six days a week on 2000 cal diet with low carb i protien options my natural t was 3.1 e was 2.7 every other thing was all in normal i weigh 93kg i am 6.3 in hieght with normal soft muscle bit fatty style body i was thinking of starting with 250iu HCG 37.5HMg with low does of proviron and nolva and when eve needed aromasin help me please in my protocol.

my labs saying bit spiked cholestrol then the test last month T is 5.8 and estro is only 5 which is taken 4 days prior to last does but these erections are killing me pain in penis now took fanestried last night bit lesser erections still dont feel good hot face oily skin thin dry hair oily scalp.