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Help with HCG Powder Mixing

5000iu powder. I want to take 100 iu hcg everyday.
I don’t have bacteriostatic water. Can I use distilled water instead?
How about .9% nacl saline?
Thanks in advance…



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Since I’ll be using it for a long time (50 days for one vial) is nacl safe?
How long will I be able to use the mix?
Thanks for the reply…

No you need bac water for multi dose vial that you will be using for more than a couple days. Just buy some online

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Hey man quick question I mixed 5 ml of bact Water to my hcg (5000iu) i want to pin 500 ius .
What will be my reading on the syringe will it be 0.1

Right, 10 tics on a slin pin

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There would be 1000 IU in every 100 units (1ml) so you want half a ml or 50 units


This is the correct answer.

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Yes this @rahabsb. 1/2 ml. I read thru your post too quick.

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So it is 0.5 or 0.1 on the syringe

0.5ml or 50 units if it’s an insulin syringe.

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Thanks man . Once again lol just to confirm so 5ml of bact water with hcg5000 iu . I need to pin 0.5 ml to get 500iu ?:grinning:

I order water, put 3cc in the vial of the powder and then inject 6 points on the 1ml insuline syringe, I also use 100 ui daily.


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