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Help with Halo PCT

i will be runing halo-tren400

this is my 2ed ph i will b runing the last one was havoc. that was like 4 moth back.

i have 6oxo ’ nova xt and i have reversitol. with one or both do u guys like beter???

You’ve been on this site for over a year and you come in here asking if 6-oxo and Novedex XT is acceptable for PCT?

That’s unacceptable. Please do some reading. There is an entire thread dedicated to the proper use of PH’s and DS’s


I misremembered what year it was, sorry. Almost 5 months is long enough though.

halo-tren400?? What are the compounds in that one as I haven’t heard of it.

Also Bonez is right. That pct is unacceptable.

Off with his head…

“If I run a pint of gatorade spiked with monkey sperm will that be a sufficient PCT”

Let’s see… it looks like it has 25 mg hdrol (~ oral turinabol), 20 mg of a tren-wannabee compound (a 19-nor) and lastly an active component from grapefruit juice.

OP: Use a proper SERM, plus pre-load and maintain P5P (B6 active) throughout the cycle to head off the risk of prolactin-induced gyno. Naturally you should be taking liver support of some sort(s) as hdrol is methylated.

The grapefruit component is included in order to increase the biological activity of the hormonal compounds without having to actually provide a higher dose. That’s a risky strategy as it can also affect E2 and progestin concentrations to some extent (granted most studies are in women, and often breast cancer patients at that). I also question how predictable the bump from grapefruit would be.

The same product may be available without the grapefruit component as Halo T-400, but I’d double check the most recent labeling for its absence (6’,7’ dihydroxybergamottin).