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Help with Gyno

Ok i started a cycle of test en 2 weeks ago at 300 mgs 2 times a week for 10 weeks and tapering off in week 11 to 150 mgs 2 times a week then week 12 100 mgs 2 times a week. Then i planned on using nolvadex at the end.Thing is i have lumps under nipples and there sore.Should i use nolva now ? what dose ?will it counter act ?i have 4000mgs of nolva and not sure if i can get more.I cant find clomid ,hcg,proviron or amaridex or how ever u spell it.

Not sure if i should just deal with it use nolva in the end as planned or take care of it now ? and if i use it now will i have enough in the end? as far as the cycle is going ive gained like 10 lbs. Thanks for any help i appreciate it.

yes use it now, you only need about 700-1000mg’s of nolvadex for pct… 4000 is enough for 4 cycles