Help with Golfer’s Elbow

I’ve been having some pain on the inside of my right elbow for about 9 months now. It comes in. Varying intensity, but started to get a little bit better when I started using straps for deadlift a couple months back. Recently, it had flared up again, more severe than before.

Pull-ups really aggravate the pain. Had to stop doing weighted pull-ups because of it, and now bodyweight is becoming a struggle. Bicep curls are iffy but not terrible. Don’t notice it really on rows, oddly enough I feel it a little bit of close grip bench, but otherwise it tends to stay calm.

Any advice on how to deal with it? Tried ice and ibuprofen, gave some immediate relief But didn’t address the problem. Thinking about getting one of those elastic elbow cuffs from slingshot, see if that helps, so would love to hear if anyone has experience with those as well.


Might have to try that. My arms a little small to wear the knee sleeves I have…. But maybe I should just go for actual elbow sleeves instead of the little cuff

I got some SBD elbow sleeves and based on the size chart I ordered an XS, it was really tight so i returned it for a S and it was still tight so I didn’t want to try anymore LOL!! I also thought it was weird that I’d be a medium like why do I have huge manly forearms or something? BUT i still do use them for some sets and just take them off right away. I like to think I’m accomplishing something, especially for any of my rowing exercises I like having that extra warmth and support.


Check out these wrist and forearm exercises

If you can work the muscles that go opposite the ones causing the pain you should be able to relieve the tension and stabilize everything.

I THINK that’s Pronation

And I THINK also Flexion

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Daily cross friction massage and reverse Tyler curls.

Substitute all painful exercises with non-painful versions. Movements where your hands can pronate and supinate freely will probably feel better, so DB curls over BB, and ring chin ups over ones on a bar have a higher likelihood of being pain-free.

Also adjust load and reps as necessary to avoid pain. 10 reps of DB curls at 40 lbs might hurt, where 20 reps at 25 might not. If so, use the 25s. Load, movement, and bloodflow are good as long as you can avoid pain.

If all goes well you can try to reintroduce some of the currently painful exercises/ weights in a month or so if you feel so inclined.

Edit: Not a medical professional. Just a guy who has had shitty elbows before.

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I had that as well for several months. It’s all healed up now. Some tips:

  1. Doctors weren’t very helpful. They were not interested in nagging injuries and just recommended Advil and watching some youtube videos to help.
  2. I do a crap ton of pull ups. Switch to ring pull ups, which allow your arm and elbow to rotate through the movement. I’m back to lots and lots of pull ups, mostly weighted, on rings.
  3. If something bothers it, don’t do it. You’ll heal much faster, and there are so many other exercises and movements to explore or choose from. I did a deep dive into KB swings, for example, while it was healing. These did not bother it at all, and gave me a new skill/move to really improve on.

IME, this works a lot better than any stretches, mobility drills or soft tissue work. Sucks, bit sometimes you just have to give it a break. There are some movements I just have to have a limit on, or it becomes unsustainable. I just can’t seem to bench like I used to. Just have to be smarter about my training.

Most definitely. Learning how to listen to your body and keep a reality-based approach to training and fitness is something that comes with experience. Gone are the days where I’m willing to choke back vomit to get through a set or ignore searing pain to get a few last reps. Hell, I’m doing this to improve my life, not make it worse.

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It is kinda weird that I posted that yesterday, and then had a tweak in my lat during Romanian deadlifts last night. Was a good reminder to myself to let the remaining sets be.

I think I would have finished those sets a few years ago. Now, it just doesn’t seem worth the risk when I could just do something else. Just did extra belt squats and was happy with that.