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Help with Glutes


Can anyone help set up a weight training routine that will help me build my glutes?

I have a pretty flat ass and i know some of it has to do with genetics and all the males in my family do have flat asses

anyway I dream of a roundish muscular ass so my work slacks dont just hang straight down from my waist.

I have been working out for a couple years now and am happy with all parts of my body except my ass. I do squats once and week and lunges and have gain very little mass back there

I am looking for small movement type exercise that really concentrate on the glutes. for example sqauts use so many muscles over a big range of motion that I tired quicker and I am limited to the amount of weight I can lift by my quads and knees and I dont want monsterous quads anyway

any help would be greatly appreciated



You will seriously find the biggest mass gains throughout your body with the compoud lifts.

I still say focus on the squat, your legs won't just balloon up out of the blue.

There are a couple of 'glute' machines in my gym at school, but the only people using those are girls, perhaps you can find those and give them a whirl.


Deadlifts and goodmornings.
Squats are more of a quad builder anyway.
If you want to take out the quads from the deadlift, go with the Romanian deadlifts. I use those over half a year since I tore the tendon below my kneecap. They're great for the hams and glutes. The quads have withered, but I'm bicycling as strong as ever, due to stronger hams, glues and lower back.

So I'ld recommend to replace the squats with deadlifts and throw in some extra goodmornings.


Tried Deadlift just last week and really felt sore muscles in my back and not in my Glutes. is that normal or am I doing them wrong?


Try sumo style.

I recently tried it for the first time and was amazed at how much more glute and hamstring recruitement it required over conventional style.


If you actually want a nice big round ass you are eliminating one of the shortest routes to it. You can try a wider stance and turn your toes out a little, I find this works the glute/hams more and for me seems to be easier on the knees.

Step-ups and lunges are also excellent.


It's pretty normal when you're just starting them - the low back is usually less strong than the hips at first. Do some quality low back work (goodmornings, back extensions rounded over a pad) for a while in addition to the deadlifts, it'll catch up.



I find nothing really makes me "feel" my glutes like one leg good mornings and one leg deadlifts, for what that's worth.

You probably aren't using your glutes if squats don't hit 'em.


Bulgarian split squats make me feel my hamstrings and glutes. Give them a shot.