Help With Glutes

Greetings to all from Bulgaria. :slight_smile:

I have a problem with my glutes… From some time my ass is getting bigger and bigger… My legs routine is 1 day front squat 3x3, day 2lunges 3x6, day 3 back lunges 3x9(short brake) and day 4 back squat 3x12.

I train the whole body. One day one exercise for the legs. I noticed i have gained a lot of strength but my torso is very big i dont like it this way… So i need an advice what to do i dont want to stop squating… Btw i work as a sinior programmer and i spent the whole that in front of the computer…

P.S - I do only ass to the grass back and front squats.

Thanks very much!

you could just reduce the volume on squats and lunges, and increase volume on extensions, leg curls, leg presses, stiff legged deads etc…basically reduce the exercises that you feel in your ass and increase ones that you dont. Or just keep growin that ass, aint no body be complaining.

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i just dont like how it looks thats all :slight_smile:

am I the only person that likes how big weight training makes my badonkadonk?

[quote]rds63799 wrote:
am I the only person that likes how big weight training makes my badonkadonk?[/quote]

Bitches love the man ass dawg.

^ man ass is prime, all i wanna do is be thrusting bitches with my hips and have them be grabbing my ass, dats der dream right der.

I get complemented by girls all the time on it, I don’t mind! But you could cut down on the amount of work you put into exercises that mainly target the glutes glutes and just work on trying to “maintain” what you have.

@jldume that’s what i will do… from now on i will focus on my quads…