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Help with Glute Injection Site

Hey. Sorry for bad english.
I wanna share. Im on a cycle with test E500. My plan is 10 week with 500mg each week. Not e250. Its high concentrated. I know. Im buying it because i thought it was cheaper and i only need to inject it once a week. Even though a lot saying 500mg is too much for one shot. Thats not what i wanna ask about. I just wanna know. Am i injecting at the right spot ? My gf inject it for me. I told her to hit on the upper outer quadrant, but it seems like its on the center quadrant.She inject it last night. Today’s just first day after injection. I told her to aspirate and push it slowly. No blood coming when she pull the plunger back. And she inject it slowly. No oil come out. After the needle was out. Only bleed super little blood

image . I feel pain now. But only a little pain. No big deal about it. Really. Im not crippled / hurt so much or anything else. I feel fine just hurt a “little” several inch on the side off injection side. I just wanna know. Is this safe or something ? Sorry for bad english. Im trying my best so you guys understand
Heres the pic btw so yall can see

Make sure you show her that second graphic before next injection, you definitely want to stay away from the sciatic nerve (the big yellow cord in your picture). The issue with high concentration test is not too much to absorb in one site, it is going to cause more post injection pain (the soreness you feel now). I tried Test 400 a while back, and it was almost debilitating. Had to dilute it with sterile oil to half strength before I could use it without severe pain.

But if you aren’t sore, that’s good news for you. Just have her move the injection more toward your side in the future.

Height is good, move slightly outward though. Did you seriously put a bandaid on it though? :rofl: no need for a bandaid.

500mg/ml is super concentrated though, eff all that! If the pain really isn’t that bad, I’d almost guess what you have is under-dosed or mislabeled?

Thanks man will do. I appriceate it

Lol yea bandaid. Im a safe pussy guy. This is second day after injecting. Now theres a lump. Not red. Warm. Hurt just a bit. About underdosed idk. Maybe it make sense. But someone on another forum say they doesnt feel it really bad too from 500mg/ml. Idk man maybe every people react differently. Rich piana also say 330mg is the max you can put in 1ml. Maybe it makes sense this is fake or underdosed gear. But tbh the brands not bad though (not sure can i say the brand or not here)

Definitely drop the height and move right a little. You don’t want to hit the nerve.
Not to be a dick but 500mg is a lot, I would be really surprised if you actually got 500mg/ml. But good luck with it.

400 I believe is the highest I’ve ever seen advertised but no clue if that’s even legit either. There’s just no need. It’s so easy and cheap to get 250/ml and do 1ml twice a week. It’s a no brainer IMO.

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