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Help with Ghrp-2 and Igf lr-3 Timing

Hay all ! First peptide cycle currently running. I have a few test cyckes under my belt but decided to tey peps inbetween cycles. So much info out there its hard to sort it all out, im hoping iv been doing these correctly. I wake up and pin 100mcg ghrp-2 then wait 20 minutes to eat. Later in the day on an empty stomach a take 100mcg of igf lr-3 preworkout. After im done lifting i pin 100mcg ghrp-2 ajd do cardio. Once im done with cardio i have my shake. Lastly before bed one more ghrp shot ajd a casein shake.

Am i doing this right ?

i’m not sure about the protein shake at night with the GHRP… that might limit the increase in hGH.

Yogi steered me to Dat’s forum (google “Dat Be True”), and he is THE authority on GHRP’s, etc…