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Help with Gaining Mass

So a little background on myself. Before i decided to join the marine core and left for boot camp i was 180 lbs at 66 inches. I was in the worst shape of my life. I came out of bootcamp at 155 and then went to Military Combat Training for a month and left there at 143 lbs.

Over the last 4 months i have been at MOS School and i have climbed back up to a more muscular 155lbs. The problem is for the last 4-6 weeks i have been stuck at around 155lbs no matter how much i force myself to eat and how much i train.

Now that im home im in control more of when i train, how much i can train and how much i can sleep. The only thing is im thinking of taking some kind of mass gainer to help put on some weight. Also i have taken a week off from the gym and i start back this monday.

Im just looking for some good sound advice on if i should take a mass gainer and if i should what would be a good one to start with? Also any advice on a great mass building workout regiment would be nice.

To be more specific about my training and such i thought i would add a bit more. I had been training 3-4 days a week. Something like Chest/Tris, Back/Bis, Shoulders/Abs,Forearms.

I know your thinking i didnt train legs but when you ran 3 intensive sessions a week and also on friday did bodyweight leg workouts i really couldnt train legs to well. Now that im home though i plan on incorporating leg days into my workouts too. About my eating i really have no plan besides i eat what i judge to be moderately healthy and eat as much as i can and sometimes i binge on fast food just on the hope of adding a few lbs whether its healthy or not. As far as protein shakes i have been trying to get the most part of my protein from what i eat. Sometimes taking a 40-50 gram protein shake after i workout. Some people think im just not geting enough protein which might be the case but then again i dont know. I still dont know why in 2-3 months i shot up 12 lbs and now i just have deadlined.

Not too specific there, mate. Please specify.

[quote]ejohnson1887 wrote:
no matter how much i force myself to eat and how much i train.

I think just from reading this everyone can see that you are certainly dedicated. I have had people tell me that training twice a day wont help when it comes to gaining mass, and so far they have all been wrong.

I’m not the most experienced lifter, (about a years worth) but so far I have learned that it all comes down to food. I can’t remember who said it on these forums but someone said “train for strength and eat for size” and that has helped me

Try keeping an accurate food log for a week, you may be surprised by what you are actually eating (or not eating). Also if you post it on here people will be able to offer more specific advice.

Now you are not doing so much running around, you should find it easier to add some muscle. It’s just a question of getting the right amount of cals at the right times. Have you read any of Berardis articles??

Also check out the ‘Bulking tips for newbies’ thread in the Beginners forum and you’ll find lots of tips to help add cals. The info is not just applicable for newbies, but anyone who need mass.

Program wise I would say right at this moment you would benefit from concentrating on the big 3 (squat, deadlift, bench), plus a rowing movement together with pull ups and some kind of overhead press.

Don’t try to make your routine too long or complicated. After all the stuff your body has been doing with the military, you will probably benefit from working hard on a basic routine for a while.

Look through the ‘Are you a beginner II’ thread and you’ll find some links so some great programs. I would pick one that emphasises the big lifts 3-4 x week.