Help with Full Body Program

My main goal is fat loss, with minimal muscle loss. I’m looking at doing weights mon, tues, thurs, friday. And “cardio” on wednesday and saturday. I might start doing moderate cardio after lifting, but i’m usually pretty wiped already. I’m also going to do jumping jacks/burpees between sets. So here’s what I’m thinking, let me know if you see any changes that need to be done.

Day 1
A1 - Squats
A2 - Calf Press
B1 - Leg Curl
B2 - Dips
B3 - Weighted Crunches
C1 - Arnold DB press
C2 - Chin ups
C3 - Russian Twists

Day 2
A1 - Leg Press
A2 - Bench Press
A3 - Wide Grip Rows
B1 - Lat Raises
B2 - Pull ups
B3 - Twisting Crunch
C1 - Inc. Flys
C2 - Reverse Curls
C3 - Swiss Ball crunch

Day 3
A1 - Squats
A2 - Calf Press
B1 - Dips
B2 - Chin ups
B3 - Weighted Crunches
C1 - Military Press
C2 - Cable crossovers
C3 - Side bends

Day 4
A1 - Deadlifts
A2 - Calf Press
A3 - Swiss ball crunch
B1 - Inc. Bench
B2 - Pull ups
B3 - Russian Twist
C1 - Leg Curls
C2 - Front DB Raise
C3 - Dips

Sounds like it may be a little much. What is your basis for this routine?

Broken record here; what about Mark Rippetoes Starting Strenght or Bill Starr’s 5x5? even if you don’t use them exactly, they’d be a good templete for your routine.

You do seem to be all over the place. If you want to work 4 days a week, try a lower/upper split. 4 days a week is too much for whole body workouts.

If you want to do whole body, organize your workouts with a clear main effort. For example if it’s sqaut day, everything up to that point should warm you up for squats. That’s where I would put my ab exercises. Then I would do squats and have a clear plan for them. Everthing after should be to build on what you just did.

For example follow it with a hamstring exercise, maybe calves and then go to an upper body press and a pull segment followed by arms if you want and any finishing exercises like farmer’s walks. You can then rotate around your main effort so you have a squat day, a bench day, a deadlift day, an overhead day, etc.

Rasslore - My basis for the routine is attempting to hit each major muscle group each day. I’m currently in the second last week of a 5x5 program. It worked really well for gaining strength, but i didn’t find that I was leaving the gym as wiped as I like to be. And i noticed my weightloss sort of stalled because of that.

Stuward - The reason it looks like i’m all over the place is because the weightroom I use is fairly small, and can be busy. So I try to organize my routine in such a way that i’m only monopolizing one piece of equipement at a time. With the other two exercises on either a piece of a equipement that is easy to work in on, or a floor/ab exercise.

I thought I was sort of doing what you suggested regarding a “squat day, bench day etc”. Day 1 and 3 being squat. Day 2 being bench (leg press will be low weight/high reps), day 4 being deadlifts.

Guess i’ll go back to the drawing board…