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Help With Full Body Program

I want to gain STRENGTH. I want to get freaky strong so I know theres westside for this and all but I want to do a Full Body Workout 3x per week. On Off days I do abs/grip/neck work. And there will also be a 4th training day where its a fun day. Sled dragging, farmers walks, sand bags, tug-o-war:). So How do I make this Program…Any help would be much appreciuated. I know I would do lifts in the 90% range for at least 3 reps. But how would I do a full body workout (5 exercises in total) 3x a week. What would this program look like and all, and I like how I outlined it. Any tiops on how I should do this, exercise order etc etc.
Thanks for your time.


Lots of ideas for you… first is to make a program and ask us to critique it. Another is to read some articles on this site.


I’ve read the articles on the site man, I’ve even done Chad’s TBT program. I just really don’t know how to put it together.
Mon - ME Squat
then another 3-4 exercises

Wed - Just a day where functional hypertrophy is addressed 4-5 exercises

Fri - ME Bench
then another 3-4 exercises.

I just don’t know where to put which exercises where, how to make it a full body program. This is what I need help with. The 4th day is simple for me cause its just sled dragging, sandbags, sprints, mobility work perhaps. Just fun stuff/gpp/ and strongman exercises involved. Dan John in he tips says start with legs first so for Mon and Wed the first exercises will be legs, Fri will be ME Bench.
Just need some suggestions as to how to outline it. But the above is the structure I want, if that helps.


Sorry dl, I should of recognised you. I know you’ve put in the time. I think its just that your post is really hard to answer, it is like asking to put the whole program together. I just thought it might be best to put one up and ask for suggestions on any changes.

That said, I’ll give my 2 cents on one small part of the program design. I’d either put some lower body, single leg exercises in the functional hypertrophy range on your ME squat day or I’d do that on the functional hypertrophy day, but move the day further away from the ME squat day. I personally like to move the FH day later in the week. It serves its own goal and it gives the body more evenly spread out frequency. So you may think about Mon. ME squat, Wed. ME bench and Fri. FH. and Sat. strong man day.

The way you’re approaching this is interesting and I want to see the end result. Good luck.

I’m sure some of you guys that have tried this will make some great suggestions. I tend to do full body even for max strength, so my opinion may not be the best one.

Good luck dl,

I re-read your post and see better what you’re up to. I remember making some great strength gains in college doing something like what you are doing.

I did Squat, Bench, Bent Bb row, 1 leg RDL and push press three days a week. On the heavy day I’d do 5x3 for the main lifts and 5x6 for the supplemental lifts, with the first set at 60%, second at 70%, 3rd at 80%, 4th at 90% and 5th at 100% of the 3RM or 6RM. On the light day I?d do the first three sets up to 80% and on the in-between day I?d do 4 sets up to 90%. The sequence would go like this:
Squat - Heavy
Bench - Heavy
Bent Bb Row - Medium
1 Leg RDL - Light
Push Press - Light

Squat - L
Bench - L
Bent Bb Row - H
1 Leg RDL - M
Push Press - M

Squat - M
Bench - M
Bent Bb Row - L
1 Leg RDL - H
Push Press - H

As you can see the days of the week were Mon - medium stress, Wed. little stress and Fri. was the tough day.

This worked really well for quite a long time. With some modification it may work for your needs. I was doing a lot of Martial Arts at the time so the brevity worked for me.


here’s a program I just made

m: squat, horizontal plane upperbody
t: rest/GPP
w: Snatch, clean & jerk
th: rest/GPP
fri: deadlift. vertical plane upper body
sat: GPP

Follow the Strength-Focused Mesocyle. It’s set up perfectly.

Or, go read my “Nate Dogg in Training” thread in the Photo forum and see the three full-body strength training programs I used several months ago based on CW’s set/rep bible. Each one was used for a four-week cycle, and I made fantastic strength gains, and I continue to do so now while following Westside and training three days a week on an eight-day schedule with extra workouts on off days (sled drags, extra upper and lower body work).

Alright well I’ve looked at what everyone had to wrote. Though to myself came up with this:

Tues: ME Squat
1)Squat - 3 or more singles at90%
or above
2)Back Extension - 3x8
3) Bent Over Row - 4x6
4) Military Press - 4x6
5) Biceps 4x6

Thurs: ME Bench
1)Bench - 3 or more singles at
or above 90%
2) Tricep Ext. or Dips - 3x8-10
3) Lunge/Bulgarian Split/One leg
movement/Front Squat 3x8
4) RDL - 4x6
5) good morning 4x6

Saturday: Functional Hypertrophy Day
1)Some type of deadlift
variation, Power Clean, OH
Squat, Olympic Lift
2)Back Extension
3)Dips or Ext
4)Single Leg movement
5)Chin Up, Pull Up
6) Biceps (depends how Im
Was thinking of doing a 5x5 with the exercise this day, except the 1st exercise any reccomendations on what reps/set on the 1st exercise?
Sunday: Fun stuff, strongman, just playin around and havin a fun/challenging time!

How is this. I’m wondering if its too much 4x6 work and all and maybe I should just stick with 3x8 for everything and on the FH day really just do the 5x5, 4x6 and whatever else. What do you guys think, Any and all reccommendations are greatly appreciated.


Oh and with the days I’m going to do biceps perhaps switching to an upright row or something like that i might do instead. ALSO instead of doing biceps I’m thinking of just doing farmers walks cause they are fun and works traps and works arms/forearm/grip.