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Help with Front Squats


To the OP:

If your having problems with your wrists on front squats do this:

  1. Don't hold the bar like you are trying to choke it to death!

  2. While the bar is on the rack, simply have the tip of your finger on it and then slide down under the bar.

  3. When you stand up with the bar focus on SQUEEZING your elbows IN and UP. This will bring them up thus reducing the strain on your wrists. (what happens is that your scapulas drift forward, allowing your elbows to rise and your chest to stay up)

Oh and don't forget to warm up your wrist!!!
--bend them back & front (but don't do it too much)
--massage your palm and forearms a little too.
--take an empty bar, hold it in position and just stand up with it. Do a few front squats with it too.

I learn this from the great Dan John. And when I did my front squats it felt like a night and day differnce.

My opinion... unless you have really fucked up wrists (injury) don't get that thing.


p.s i think u guys mean "clean grip". The "snatch grip" the palms are 1-3 inches from the collars.


Both of the front squat grips are equally fine, right? One isn't better than the other?


To me, the clean grip feels more stable.

Unless you are training for the olympic lifts, though, I'd say go with what feels better and meets your requirements best. Definitely give the clean grip a fair chance as it takes a while to get used to and becomes more natural every time you use it - at least that was the case for me.

Some good pointers from Neospartan, you'll want to check those out.


I was told that if you feel like you're being choked then you're doing it right.


Unless you have an insane amount amojunt of flexibility on ur wrist, shoulder and upper back u WON'T use the snatch grip.

This is a snatch grip http://www.dynamic-eleiko.com/sportivny/images/shoes/Rigeret_Bare_foot_snatch.jpg

If I try to do it I'll dislocate somethings. The clean grip is what I have on my avatar


Sometimes its gets a lil' on ur throat but thats because ur pushing it back too much. Normaly the bar sits on a sweet stop on your collarbone and across your shoulders.

There should be no pain or discomfront unless u just started and ur collar bone has to get strong.


Those are some great tips, thank you, tomorrow is quads and I will definetaly be trying some of those.


Wait. You mean an overhead squat?
That's a totally different exercise.


LOLs!!!!!!!!! NO!

ok let me see if I can explain this:
1- Do u see how far apart his hands are?
2- Thats what is generally called "snatch grip"
---ex: Snatch grip deadlift.
3- So in conclusion: I am referring to the distance between the hands on the bar.

So to make my message clear:
You do front squats with a "clean grip", not a "snatch grip".


I just across this thread but if your gym has a safety squat bar you can flip that upside down and use that. It is much easier to hold that way. Here is an example:

If this is not an option, I use the cross handed method and prefer it to the clean grip.


As everyone has stated, depends on your grip. Myself, I do it bodybuilder style with the crossed arms (I envy the guys that can do this properly with Oly style clean grip - damn their flexibility).

It can a get a little emotional (choking wise) when you go heavy but that is part of the exercise - helps to keep you focused & maintains strict form. As DebraD has stated "if there a little choking feeling you are doing it right"

In terms of the bodybuilding lifting style Keep your elbows high, build a "shelf unit" from the room across your clavicle almost & bridge the bar across the separation between your front delts & biceps. Stand tall, stay tight & proceed with squat :slight_smile:

Maybe you can film your FS issue & it can be critiqued here <?>

Good luck.


Yeah give the wrist straps method a try...

I felt a lot more secure when I started using straps...I was able to concentrate more on squatting instead of worrying about losing the bar...