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Help With Front Line Fat Loss

If anyone could answer these questions, that’d be great.

What kind of workout would be good with this? I was thinking maybe a 5x5 program? Also for the cardio since I’m out of shape and I doubt I could do HIIT for 30 minutes, would it be okay if I just did 15 or so? Also, i can eat as many veggies (excluding corn/potatoes) right?

And what about a PWO shake? Normally i just have a banana+30g of dextrose+scoop of protein, would this be okay for the Day 2-5: Fat Loss Phase or should i just get rid of the banana/dextrose and just have a scoop of protein after my workout, and have my normal shake on the refeeding days?
thanks a lot

Check out this article by CT it goes more in depth then the article you are referring to and should be able to answer all your questions.

For the OP, the workout is up to your goals. Are you trying to rid the fast as soon as possible or more of a long-term goal? In one or the other case, complexes(or a metabolic stimulating workout) or a 5x5 program will work. And, for cardio, if you’re outta shape, do low intensity as soon as you wake up or you can try the HIIT for 15 minutes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a true HIIT last more than that(besides warmup/cooldown). And, for veggies, refer to article. PWO shake - you may wanna reduce the carb intake. I’d say keep the dextrose and cut the banana.