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Help with Friend's Injury

First off i wasnt sure where to post this so i hope people will see it here

my friend just recently injured his right knee fairly severly, damage to acl mcl and a small fracture, after just getting his training and nutrition on track with a large dose of help from t-nation. He was trying to cut bodyfat and at least mantain muslce mass while doing so. he is an 18 year old d1AA college football player, abuot 6’3 240. My question is while he is recovering from his injury what lifts do you suggest he does to try to not waste away. His trainer will not let him back in the gym for two months and is forced to try to workout in his dorm. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

His trainer won’t let him workout due to a knee injury? He needs a new trainer for starters if at all. A busted knee won’t stop anyone from doing:
4)Rope Climbs
6)Hanging Leg Raises
7)Hanging Knee-to-Elbows
9)Hollow Rocks
10)One legged squats, pistol and/or airborne style with uninjured leg

Thats ten off the top of my head hitting the entire body.

Nutrition is another major component that is still 100% under his control. No reason to sit around and pig out.
Rehab should be about maximizing areas that aren’t injured instead of doing nothing until the injury heals.

Best to him regardless on a full recovery…