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Help with Free T Level

In my last full TRT blood results, my total t came back at 772 ng/dl which was considered to be in range. The doc and myself were happy with that.

However, my free T came back at 21.9 ng/dl which was above the normal range. The doc advised that this was too high and I should adjust my protocol to reduce it.

My SHBG is on the lowish end at 23.9 so explains why my free T is higher than average with an average total T. My total t has since increased and E2 lowered for some reason so I’m assuming this free T level is now even higher.

What are your thoughts on this free T level?
Why would a TRT test consider it out of range when surely many men on TRT have higher levels?
What is your level?
What level have you felt best at?

Any advice appreciated. My anxiety has been horrendous lately due to E2 levels having dropped from Zinc and reservatrol, I’ve now increased it but I still have the same adrenaline spikes I’ve always had…is it due to this high free t?

Your t levels are fine, in my opinion, both of them.
I have to drive mine a bit higher by quite a bit to feel good. I’m rather overweight so that changes the calculus some for me.

What is your current protocol?
Dose & inj frequency. How long have you been on it?

When did you do the blood work relative to your last injection? Should have been done right before your next injection.

175mgpw via 75mg E3D test e. No AI.

What is your free t btw?

I currently have bad anxiety due my E2 being driven too low (in teens) by zinc and reservatrol (no AI) but I’ve always had morning nausea/anxiety and adrenaline like feelings even with my E2 level in check at 25-35. I’ve created another thread for that so won’t discuss here btw.

Just wondered what other people’s free t levels are and any associated side effects?

My free t is about 33 total about 1300 on essentially the same dose you are on but taken in 3 injections MWF.

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310 (35-155pg/mL)

No side effects.

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I guess mine is probably average or on the low end of average for the TRT community.

So nothing to worry about there.

I appreciate it chaps.

Mine got up to 394 and I lowered my dose and haven’t got it checked yet but I feel better with it lower

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Mine is always high because SHBG is crazy low all the time (usually single digits). I’ve never experienced lower free t, so I suppose I’m of no help.

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Did u try daily shots , I just started them hoping it will level me out some , I’m like u my free t is always high and I’m wondering if that’s where my anxiety comes from

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Your free T is considered LOW in my circles.

You made no mention of Fequency of injection. Split your dose up throughout the week, especially with that low-ish shbg. Stay off the zinc and resveratrol for a bit so your E2 comes back up.

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Makes absolutely no difference for me. Daily shots feel the same as twice weekly and once weekly. As long as my dose is 100mg or above I feel great. But I also don’t notice any real changes when using, um, “non therapeutic” amounts either.

I have pinned 75mg every 3 days for around 6 months now.

I’m in a strange position where I’m extremely sensitive to any supplements that lower E2. As I said- no AI. I really like my Zinc and though I’m not 100% sure I have a suspicion that high dose vit C and Ashwaganda may have reduced my E2 in the past as well. I love both these supplements!

When I started TRT a year ago at this dosage my E2 was 30-40. It’s now in the late teens at the same dosage and I really want it higher than that. I also don’t want to have to worry about natural AI’s lowering my E2 level again.

I have decided to change my protocol to 90mg twice a week as I’ve found this increases my E2 (possibly via an increased spike) whilst only increasing my weekly dosage by 5mg (from 175mg to 180).

Do you come across many patients who aromatase poorly (which I guess would be a good thing for many) or who are so sensitive to ANYTHING at all that has the potential to lower E2 to an uncomfortable level?

I guess my dilemma is:

  1. I’ve wanted to try lowering my dosage to see if anxiety decreases…particularly in the AM. Interestingly very high dose vitamin C taken at night seems to get rid of this so it may be an adrenal issue…although my AM cortisol level is fine. Go figure!

  2. My E2 is already too low at my current dose so reducing is a no-goer. I also like some of my health supplements but am now worried my E2 will get too low again…causing anxiety far in excess of anything else.

So…I guess it’s increase to 90mg twice a week to get more of an E2 level increase/spike and hopefully I can take my zinc/ vit c etc to control the morning anxiety at this dosage without it lowering my E2 to the late teens again.

Never thought I’d be in this situation I must admit…all of the literature is about how to lower E2- not increase it!