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Help with Form


I was looking for some help with my form. I posted a video of my deadlift. I only use the wrist wraps when I can't hold the bar anymore. then there is another video I don't think I can post out side links so it's on youtube under my name heath dyer Shoulder shrugs with 1000 lbs

Just looking for advise so I can fix what ever might be wrong


I uploaded a video and don't see it here. let my try a link


I don't see a Deadlift video but what are you trying to accomplish with those 1,000 pound shoulder shrugs?


Actually kind of looks like glutes and hamstrings got worked more than his traps. Not saying that's a bad thing if that's what he was trying to do.


want to make my shoulders grow. I like keeping the weight on my shoulders I had my elbow pop once using heavy weights in my hands


-feet closer together, like an oly squat
-go to mixed grip, your grip will be stronger
-get your arse lower before you initiate the lift
-get your shin and groin as close to the bar as possible
-attempt to lock your lower back in a neutral/flat position throughout the lift


ok I was doing the feet shoulders with apart for balance. What your saying is I should keep everything as close as possible? the mixed grip I can do at the lower weights before I have to use the wrist wraps. the locking lower back part I don't understand. isn't the deadlift to work out the back and legs?


It looks like a fairly low skill exercise, but it isn't and for some people getting the 'feel' of a decent deadlift is really hard. My suggestion would be to watch some coaching videos by respected people like Dave Tate etc and try to mimic that.

Yes its an exercise for back and legs, but your lower back should be essentially immobile - it gets worked by fixing you in position. A bent lower back is more likely to get injured.
Your upper back essentially does the same, although movement there is greater and more acceptable.
Knees and hips will bend, but it's really a 'hip dominant' exercise, meaning the most movement will be at your hip joint, not your knee joint.

Try with feet slightly narrower than shoulder width, so that when your knees flare at the bottom, it all still fits between your arms. Grip the bar at about shoulder width.

You're also looking very awkward trying not to touch the weight to the ground. It should touch every time. Your choice whether you let it bounce a little or reset completely between every rep.

Look at video of Jim Wendler doing deadlift reps, and then compare them to yours. Assess the movement critically and then try to mimic his as much as possible. He's a good example of a strong raw deadlifter with good technique.

Whether you use straps or not doesn't matter if you aren't competing, but at the moment if you want to improve your technique I'd suggest backing off the weight anyway, so you may as well ditch the straps and improve your grip strength while you work on technique.


Thank you so much for that input that is what I was looking for. I will do just that. This kind of info is what a good forums is all about helping the people out. knowledge is power. I would like to compete next year if work lets me so I need what ever help y'all can give me. I'm not trying to go pro. I just want to do the best I can do so I can say 2 things. 1 I did it and 2 I did the best I could do


Any time brother. Figure out the feel and look of a really nice deadlift and you will get much stronger much quicker.

When you can brace your torso properly and pull with your hips and upper back, your strength gains will accelerate.

Play with it for a few sessions and post another video.


Your trying to get your shoulders to grow from shrugs??

Try going heavier on lateral raises and get some momentum going that way your traps get involved more ( i know alot of people are going to say different but it works) and then after your traps are good and pumped go a bit lighter on the shrugs with full range of motion.