Help With Football Program

I need training help from you guys!

We just got a new strength coach and these workouts are bull****!!! I’m not a noob, I’m 20, totalling 2000 single ply. But here is what sucks…

Being D2, with our old coach, I could get away with whatever I wanted. But now this new guy… Start off with 20 minute warmup, squat jumps, scorpions, ladders, plyos… non stop, I’m sweating like a mofo afterwards. Then we usually have 4 exercises on “prompt.” It starts out with an explosive movement: 1 arm DB snatch, hang clean…

Then a core lift: Incline, bench, squat, etc. … Then 2 more “core lifts”: 1 arm DB press on stability ball, plate punches, lunges, side squats… We do all these on his command, “1st man, 1st set, go!” I get about 2 minutes between lifts, and no warm up time.

Then we have circuts… about 4 exercises, high reps, no rest, from one to another… and its tons of bodyweight, bosu ball, medicine ball, stabilizing ball crap.

Then we have about 5 ab exercises.

Well what it comes down to is I don’t feel I get sufficent rest, and the reps are quite high. We usually do 6 week cycles: 8,8,6,6,4,4…

My main concern is are my lifts going to go down doing this? What would you do outside of this to stay strong?

Thanks guys!

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