Help with Food/Snacks for Conditioning

I am applying to Officer Candidate School for the U.S. Marine Corps, starting next week they want me to train the PFT with them every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning at 6:30am

To get there though is a 10 mile bike ride on sidewalks because there are no bike lanes so I’m looking at about an hour to an hour ten each way.

Then of course the Physical Training we will be doing. I’m not sure but I assume its running, pushups, pullups, situps, the like. I’m not sure if its just the PFT stuff or additional bodyweight exercises like star jumps and burpees as well. I do know that it lasts about an hour fifteen.

I’m looking for ideas on what to eat before riding out there so around 5:00am and then what to eat after the PFT before riding home. I need something that will keep from passing out but not cause me to throw up. I also need something I can transport fairly easily on my bike. Plus I need to bring at least one bottle of water for the training. That of course can be refilled at a nearby water fountain.

Thanks for any advice.

Really nobody - there was a reply that said Finibars and I think it was Surge, not sure where that reply went. Anyone though?

Protein bar or two, nothing ridiculous really man. Just depends on what your body can handle without feeling like you gotta hurl.

Good luck with the PT man, running 3 miles multiple times a week sucks. Especially for those of us Marines that say fuck that, to being a skinny little dude that can run easily.

Sounds like a light workout (ride) followed by a heavy workout, followed by a light workout (ride)

I would suggest gatorade for the duration in bottle(s)

Then prior to the ride I would eat breakfast

4 eggs, 8 0z egg white, 4 0z sliced turkey as an example

Bring a Finibar or such with you

After the ride, eat the Finibar

Then - drink the gatorade throughout your training

Then - ride home

Once home - another good quality source of protein, possibly a shake and more gatorade would be in order

An ordeal like this - if you want to gain - I would surround with at least 600 calories

The meal the night before is the best start. Complex carbs like whole wheat pasta are great, also fruits and vegetables may seen old school but they provide vitamins and minerals that your body needs. The most important part is to stay hydrated.

Also be sure to eat some sort of breakfast in the morning, but at least 30 mins before you have to bike. As far as something to keep you going I am a big fan of the " Cliff bar " products they make a drink also, but anything like " Gatorade " is good for hydration. Avoid other energy drinks like the plague.

Thank you for your service.


Well I doubt you want to spend anytime cooking. Since you have an hour to digest your food riding the bike, I think these are two good options:

  1. Big shake of some fruit, protein powder, water, oats
  2. Or you can just go with 2 FINiBARs and then a scoop of SWF during the bike ride (30 mins prior) but really I’d go with option 1.

Good advice above on getting the carbs in at night. Like a big plate of pasta or something with a bunch of meatballs.

After the workout… a big ass breakfast. Carbs (wheat bread/oats/quinoa/hash browns) and protein (eggs/ham/turkey/steak etc)