Help With Food Choices

hey there,
Just looking fo a little help on my food choices I want to make sure that i am eating everything that is going to benefit me and at the right time. I have read the all the nutrition articles a little hard to understand but did read them. My program is starting strength 5x5 I have been doing that for 1 month feeeling good gaining in all lifts.

I’m a beginner, I am 6’ and 165lbs when i started woking out i was 160 so i have gained just hope that its not all fat. I’m not scared to put on fat just want to build muscle, get big.

2 eggs 3 egg whites
1 cup oatmeal
2 scoops whey and natural pb

snack 1:
1/2 cup oats
1 scoop whey
6 oz. lowfat yogurt
1 orange

8 oz chicken
whole grain brown rice

snack 2:
6 oz. tuna
whole wheat bread 1 slice

chicken, pork, steak, depending on avail
some sort of veggie
brown rice
1 glass 1% milk

my workout usually comes after snack 2 since i work 10 shifts. PWO is usually

2 scoops whey
natural pb
creatine w/ grape or apple juice
then dinner

on days that i don’t workout I will drink a shake before bed. That all usually ends up around 3200 cals give or take a few. 250 protien and about 225 carbs? give or take.

Any sugesstions please I know that it’s not the best just what I have come up with from reading and such.

Very Very good diet! Looks to be Tight man! The only thing I would do is not have peanut butter post workout it will slow the absorbtion of the protein you want to get your muscles that much needed protein ASAP and also Id recomend adding some simple sugars to your Post workout shake like dextrose or maltodextrine instead of the apple juice but that works fine to!

PS: Try not to eat pork if possible later in the day you wanna eat fish or pultry not a dark fatty meat!

[quote]Dave.F wrote:
Try not to eat pork if possible later in the day you wanna eat fish or pultry not a dark fatty meat![/quote]

WTF? Pork is white meat.

Thanks a lot for the response so yea pork the other white meat, right but hey thanks again I just am a little confused on the diet part, all the macro breakdown stuff is crazy but i’ll learn it. So steaks at night? ye or nea

Any thing that anyone would change in there maybe to add a few more calories quick. Is that to much oatmeal to may carbs?

Looks pretty solid, and your calorie number looks right. I would drop 1 of the scoops of whey in your breakfast for some fruit. You’re already getting more than 50g protein from the eggs, 1scoop protein and oats. And to take full advantage of your PWO, drop the pb and add fast digesting carbs (dextrose, malto or WMS).

How long before you go to bed after dinner? You might want to add in another protein/fat snack before bed, ex. cottage cheese & pb.

Where is your fish/flax oil? You’re supposed to be getting 10 fruits and veggies. If you eat over 2000 calories, there’s no excuse not eat that many unless you are eating 3 or 4 servings of broccoli/spinach at a time.

Is that enough calcium and vitamin D? How much?

Yea I am going to drop that PB fromthe PWO and find something better to throuw in there any suggestion that are pretty cheap.

It’s usually about a hour or 2 before i pass out, sometimes I do grab a bit of PB before I crash, is it best to do that everynight. O man I left my fish oil off I take 3 with breakfast and 3 dinner do I need more?

I don’t know if I get enough calcium/ vitamin D. any sugesstion would be great I only drink 1 or 2 glasses a day. I will bump up my veggies and fruits is it best to eat the fruits in the morning or whenever?

This is why I posted I knew that I would get some great help at that nutrition confeuses me a little.

[quote]Dave.F wrote:
PS: Try not to eat pork if possible later in the day you wanna eat fish or pultry not a dark fatty meat![/quote]

Fail. Why the hell not.

Touch my dinner steak and your liable to be put on the grill next to it.

lol well when cutting its best do have your steak early on in the day because its very slow leaving the stomach and its digestion rate is around 6 hours you wont have it digested before bed! Read some of CT’s latest articles he states that he only eats beef in the mornings while later in the day his protein is derived from fish and chicken!

Personaly I eat it for dinner as well but lately Ive read some article that sugest i should do otherwise!

[quote]Dave.F wrote:
but lately Ive read some article that sugest i should do otherwise![/quote]

Well obviously he’s right that it takes longer to digest etc etc.

But just because you just read something doesn’t mean its the end-all be all guy. It’s not really necessary to take everything ever written and implicate it to get results.

My point was, in the grand scheme of things, if he is happier, like me eating red meat for dinner, then do it. It won’t be the difference in getting shredded for summer I’ll can promise you that.

Very true. In the grand scheme of things it wont make much of a difference. I was just offering my suggestion as to what I’m doing and whats working for me! No harm. No foul! Sorry for the confusion.

I would say you are on the right path… solid meal plan.

If you do not see good gains, slowly increase your calories until you do.

And if getting bigger is your ultimate goal… accept some fat gain (2 to 1 should be the high mark).

Oh and PLAN to have some extra cash for clothes. Getting bigger is expensive in many ways.

Dude, you’re 6’ 165 and worried about getting fat? You should be more worried about still being skinny.

I don’t see nearly enough fats in your diet. You can replace a lot of the calories from starches with a good spectrum of fats (sat, mono, poly). Walnuts, whole fat dairy, olive oil, coconut oil for cooking, oily fish, etc.

Especially if you are worried about fat gain while bulking, you should try to keep the carbs lower.

[quote]swordthrower wrote:
Dude, you’re 6’ 165 and worried about getting fat? You should be more worried about still being skinny.
Not necessarily, as a FFB (then: 6’1 235, now: 178) I’d rather be skinny than fat anyday. I agree though, I think you’re overdoing the starches a little bit, you’re getting some at every meal basically. Make sure to keep alot around your workout and breakfast, but during the other times of the day you should get some fat sources and scale back on the rice/bread.

Thanks for all help that was given.

It seems to me that the red meat at night is doing ok I wil try to switch things up a little every now and again.

I am going to try a few new things just need to fit them in a do eat some fats also avacodo some peanuts, almond all that good stuff just not everyday. I posted what I usually eat every no matter what. O yea I throw a TBSP of extra virgin oil in my whey in the morning, sorry for the lack of detail. I am not scared to put on fat don’t want to get fat but will sacrafice some for muscle no problem.

So instead of the bread and rice later in the day should I just throw in veggies, or any other good sugesstions. just makes it a little harder to get all my cals.

U guys are pretty damn good. Thanks

Cof. Fat + Protein meal at night; leads to slow digestion and a constant release of amino acids, so your muscle mass will not be cannibalized.