Help with First Time Bloods, Planning a Low Cycle

Thanks in advance for any help. Got my bloods in preparation for a low cycle/high trt.
35 yo old, 5’11, 86kg (190lb), probably have another 8-10lb of fat to lose. Currently in Ketosis for the last 6 weeks and have dropped from 97kgs (moderate carb bulk). Planning on another 2 weeks of keto then upping my carbs gradually. I work 7x12h days then 3 days off into 7x12h nights with 3.5 days off. Get my training done mostly in my off days, often 2x p/d; work days I do mobility or light maintenance work. I’ve been working this schedule for the past 6 months.

Food is animal product heavy. It’s mostly meat; largely beef, pork, eggs and then cheese and butter. Non keto is the same, except Ill drink 1l of raw unpasteurized milk and citrus fruits everyday. I barely eat vegetables outside of red sauerkraut or if i get take out. No issues with digestion or constipation.

Sleep is great considering my circumstances. I sleep with airway opener strips, ear buds, blacked out room and supplement 5mg melatonin on night shift days only. Supps are Zinc, Mag, coq10, vit d (20k iu), ashwaghanda, cod liver oil and if I know Im getting laid I’ll smash lecithin day before and day of. If I feel under the weather I’ve got NAC, quercertin, glutathione and resveratrol.

Hopefully thats a decent background. Anyway I get my bloodwork done and its surprising.

Testosterone 32.8 nmol/L (6.0 - 28.0) I used web converter to get 945 ng/dl
F/T 465 pmol/L (200 - 600) What kind of ratio should I be looking for?
SHBG re-std. 69 nmol/L (15 - 50) Understandable on Keto.
FSH 11 IU/L (1 - 8) Outside of upper range, is this an issue?
LH 9 IU/L (2 - 8)
Oestradiol 76 pmol/L (< 150)
Progesterone 1.2 nmol/L (< 4.1)
Prolactin 159 mIU/L (45 - 375)
Pl.Cortisol-Rndm 209 nmol/L (AM 110 - 550 nmol/L) Interesting, I drink a lot of coffee.
IGF-1 20.2 nmol/L (8.2 - 29.0)
GH 2.8. µg/L (<5)

Not shocked about the SHBG with what I understand about low-carb/keto. My libido and hard ons essentially dropped off a cliff once I got back into keto. Sexual function is fine and I bust big ass loads but in between nothing happens. Also, once I’ve nutted, shows over, lol. When carbed up it’s a night and day difference.

Any pointers would be great. I don’t expect to be spoonfed so any help is greatly appreciated. Is LSH/FH a concern? T and F/T ratio looking alright? Everything seems to be in range and ok? Ive got test e on hand pre bloodwork was thinking 60mg EoD for a month, see how I respond, re-do bloods and go from there, yet now considering the risk profile, seems asinine.


Damn man, you have some fine natty numbers. I don’t know if I would want to screw with those. TT great, FT, great, FSH/LH are surprisingly high for those TT/FT numbers, IGF-1 great. I wish I had those numbers.


+1, OP I wouldn’t touch AAS with numbers like those. Best case scenario is you get some short term gains and come back with slightly worse numbers to deal with for the rest of your life.

That’s the way its looking, isnt it. Cheers lads

You don’t need either one.

With your labs I’d do a real cycle, maximize gains and then run a PCT after. No need for TRT