Help With First Cycles & Taper(p-22 style)

week 1-4 50 mg test prop every 36 hours

week 1-12(may go up to 15) 500 mg enanthate split into 2 doses weekly

since i am not using the 1g/week, should i wait less than 6 weeks for 100mg???(i mean the method found by Prisoner)

are 4 weeks enough for me to start tapering down??
what amount of nolvadex do you advice?? unfortunately serm s are incredibly expensive and i can only get nolvadex as AI .


I am not the authority on test tapering but I beleive that you will be fine with a 4 week stasis period.

Nolv is not an AI as it does not stop the actual aromatising (sp)?. Nolv only contends with circulating estrogen at the receptor sites. You can easily find an inexpensive form of Adex. research chemical.

i was just gonna edit that.

i misremembered AI with SERM .

i couldnt find any data for adex in here, if it is teh same thing with armidex then it is 150 dollars!!!

also i will taper down nolvadex and stop it before the end of stasis period right???


No, do not use nolv during cycle unless you have a gyno issue. Use an AI during cycle to control estrogen. Once again, research chemical.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Since suppression is partly a function of time, I would still use a 6 week stasis.


I stand corrected.