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Help With First Cycle!!!

I have been training pretty hard for 4 years and have lost 83Lbs of Fat and built about 30-40 Lbs of muscle. I have used two cycles of MAG-10 with good success and it is time to graduate to the hard stuff.

3500-4500 Calories per day

D-bol 2x10mg in the morning 7AM and one later about 1PM 1x10mg
Tren 100mg 1cc Twice a Week
MAG-10 capsule Limited Edition single dose divide into 3 protions 2 at 7AM
2 at 1PM amd 2 at 6PM

Thoughts and suggestions needed on this cycle please. I have 1 hundred D-bol and 10ML of Tren 100mg and lots of MAG-10. Cycle should last about one month. To cover the liver I was going to use Milk Thinstle and come off with M and TRIBEX with Methoxy 7. I have no access to Clomid or Nova.

All comments welcome feel free to PM or Email me info.

Thanks in advance.

No test? What do you plan to do when you are shut down from the tren?I hope you don’t have a lady to please…I would add test to this mix,and ditch the Mag-10…What are your goals with this cycle?

yea bro post how you are goign to run it like the dbol how many weeks and the tren and like the other man said ADD TEST you going to need it… test en is nice but slow acting but test prop is fast acting but hurts like HELL

Actually this might be worth running pretty close to the way you have listed.

week 1
tren eod 50mg
dbol 10mg at the 2 times you listed

Week 2&3
tren eod 50mg
dbol 10mg at the 2 times you listed
MAG-10 as you listed

week 4
Mag10 as listed
Nolva 100,100,80,80,40,40,40
Alpha Male 2 pills 2xed

Week 5
Nolva 20 ed
Alpha Male 1 pill 2xed
run both till you feel your normal test is good, 2 to 3 weeks should be good.

Try this out and tell us how it goes. If your libido drops off hard real early hit up the Nolva and Alpha Male every few days to keep the natural test gooing during the cycle.

If you are graduating to the “hard stuff” you should do it right, or you will not be happy with the results. Tren has a short half life and is best injected everyday to keep your blood levels constant, instead of going up and down. If you want, get another bottle of tren, and shoot 1/2cc daily, which will give you 50mg/day of gear. Also, you definitely will want to add in some test. 400mg/week should be a good dose for your first cycle. Also, you will definitely need some nolva, and maybe clomid for post cycle. Do it right, and you will be much happier with the results.

Thanks guys for the advice, I have refined the cycle as of late. I dumped the tren in place of 200mg/ml Test enthnate 1.5cc twice a week for six weeks. Along with the d-bol 10mg three times a day spead evenly morning, noon, night. The d-bol will run about a 4 weeks. I am having a tuff time getting nolva/clomid for PCT. I have M and TRIBEX should this be enough PCT for this cycle?

Have you considered the liquid research variety of PCT drugs?

did you get the pm i sent u?