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Help with First Cycle


I’m 22 years old 96 kgI have been lifting for more than 5 years. There was an article here on tnation page talking about this cycle and I decided to give it a go which states as follow:

500mg Nandrolone per week for 3 weeks
50mg of stanzolol daily for 3 weeks along with Nandrolone.



You will likely lose your sex drive on cycle, let alone when you come off and try to get your hormonal levels back to normal. Virtually every guy needs some form of testosterone on cycle, even if only 100-200mg/week to maintain good sexual function(most guys use more).
Do a quick search on Deca(nandrolone) and see how many people have problems from it, that are either long term or the user never seems to properly recover from. Anecdotally it definitely seems one of the riskier anabolics to use, even when used with testosterone and hcg and prolactin med’s. Some people seem to get away with it okay, but it seems to be just the luck of their genes rather than anything else.


Well this is a photo of me you recommend something more adequate than deca that will work alongside with stanzolol or any recommendations for first cycle for me


There used to be stickies on this site for beginners, not sure if they are still around. You need to do some more research especially about Post Cycle Therapy. PCT drugs like clomid or nolvadex help you recover your natural hormones.
A good beginners cycle would be testosterone enanthate or cypionate 500mg/week, for 10 weeks. You want to also have on hand arimidex, or extremastane, or nolvadex to use on cycle to stop excess testosterone from being converted into estrogen, which can cause bloating and gynocomastia.
That will give you a good start into the world of anabolics, see how your body reacts regarding to negative side effects like acne, gynocomastia"bitch tits", and balding.Leave the winstrol for another cycle later down the track.


Why so long at 10 weeks cycle with only test enan or cyp?


Because with all the “magic” that steroids can perform, packing on a good cycles worth of muscle in 3 weeks isn’t one of them. About the only thing that might even possibly be effective for such a short cycle is something very fast acting like tren ace or something, but oven that seems like a stretch. Look up the various stickies and triple read the shadowpro threads. As you look on here you will notice that 10 weeks is a fairly bsic, standard cycle, not a long one. The main T-nation page is a wealth of knowledge, but the occasional steroid article means little compared to the monster of info that is the pharma section, stick around here for your juice needs man.


I love this cycle le as I’m running f the same but no ox for me… just test600,tren e600… I’m not gaining weight like a test alone cycle but I’m still increasing in strength… more definition from the tren. I have been using adex at .5mg eod but just recently(yesterday) bumped it up to 1mg eod. The sides have been minimal for me. Sweaty as shit, 4-6 hrs of sleep and I’m up. Aggression. Crazy strength in gym tho… my squat max is up almost 75 lbs in 5 weeks. Everyone told me to run tren ace first to make sure sides weren’t unbearable. It exits the body much much quicker so you aren’t stuck in hell for weeks, only days, if it’s a bad fit for you. I say go for it bro…


Beachbum thank you so much for the feedback. Since this is my first cycle with both of these steroids I’m hoping for good results. I only weight right now 180lbs with 15% body fat. I’m wishing for about 15-20lb clean gain. Do you think this possible with this cycle?


I read your other posts(really easy to do that btw) and you said you have used test cyp in the past… dunno if you have or haven’t but I’m getting the feeling you aren’t familiar with how much these drugs can affect you. How old are you? How many cycles have you run? Have you ever run a full cycle with PCT? Do you understand the gains made on Cycle will not stick completely? Drugs are not a fix. We gotta eat clean, train like it’s a career, and sleep well. Then and only then, will drugs enhance. After reading your other posts, I’m wondering how to even respond bro.


I did started my cycle and ironically after first shot /100mg test propionate my left nipple began to swell a bit and there is a pain when applying pressure? ???


Prop works fast. Hope you are taking anti estrogens, only problem is it takes about a week of taking them to build up to efficient levels. It can be a bit tricky finding the balance between the right amount and too much anti E., trial and error


Do I need to stop the cycle?


No need to stop the cycle, providing you have nolva or arimidex. I would try and track down some nolvadex, clomid or arimidex quick if you haven’t got any already. You should have some nolvadex or clomid ready for when you finish your cycle anyway.
Usually the same source for your steroids will have nolva etc.

Its not unusual to have some nipple sensitivity at the start of the cycle, before the anti estrogen kicks in.


You mean I should start with nolvadex/arimidex now or after finishing the


Start with the nolva or adex now, to keep your estrogen levels under control to avoid getting gyno.