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Help with First Cycle


Hey there first time posting here !! I’m realy confused and bed some help from this great site !..

This my first cycle test e only ! 500 mg per week split two doses front loaded with 1000 mg first week and I’m on week 4 and nothing different ! Right now tho isn’t the problem !!

I’m 20 years old and I have ebn training since 16 years ! I decided to do my first cycle ! In some forums people told me that may natural test will stop 100%100 because I’m 20 years old and I will never get recoverd even with strong pct ?!! 1: Is that ri

ght what should I do nww ?! And if that isn’t right ! 2:How to continue in this cyle safley ( i don’t use all until nw ) 3: why I didn’t feel anything different ?! In the normal without steroid I have a high sex drive and some acne and oily skin so this will not be signs to me to know if it kicks ! My strength is the same until nw

and thanxx


Most of your questions will be solved by reading the sticky at the top of the thread.

Are you taking an AI? Post your cycle and planned PCT also.


No all ! Okey if I stopped my cycle now and I’m in week 4 ? Do I already fucked my natural hermone ?!!!


Even if you stopped right now you would still need to run a pct because you system has already been suppressed.

Do you know what a PCT even is?


Yes I knoww ! I got nolvA and clomid on my hand okey thanxx just one more question my test will completely recoverd and like nothing happend ?! If no I think I should continue I think there isn’t a different


You’ve used 19 exclamation points in 2 posts. That’s a ratio of 8.5 per post. If you never use another, I think the world would be a better place.

To answer your question, you are a little younger than I would recommend starting steroid use, but the chances of you recovering just fine are pretty good. Just finish your cycle, while taking an AI and hCG the whole time, and do a proper PCT, and you should be fine.

By 4 weeks you should already be seeing your strength increase, but you won’t notice a big difference until 6-8 weeks. You’re 20, you probably already have very high testosterone, and may not notice a huge difference except for strength and size gain, but that doesn’t happen overnight.


Sounds like you should stop, do your pct, and spend the next couple years training hard and eating a shitload of food. All while reading everything you can get your hands on. There’s a lot of information in this forum if you take the time to find it and read it.


Thanx for the reply :slight_smile: they said you will never recover and stop your hpta and your dick (sry) will never be used without steroid and will never get children and all that shit they make very afraid LOL ! So will continue and hcg dosage : 250 twice a week is that okey ?!!! And thanx again


But man I already fucked my natural hermone so I think will continue ?! What about that ?!!! Your opinion is important to me


You WILL recover if you do a proper pct.

Read the entire thread I posted before asking another question. If you don’t understand some of the terms, use google. All your basic answers are already on here.


I’d do 250ui 3x per week, maybe 4.


Okey thank you very much Man :slight_smile: I know I’m annoying you but now on the cycle you think letroZole and hcg will be good because in my country armidex and aromas iam don’t know why is very very expensive ! Thanx again posts are very benefit for pct


Letro is fine, but it’s hard to dose it low. May need to dissolve in vodka and take with a medicine dropper if you crash your E2.


I know I’m annoying you ! I got the letrozole nw ?! I 'I’m om week 4 and test didn’t kicked yet ! And have no estirogen side effect ?! Should I take the Ketroo and on what dosagee ?! Every day or every other day ?! Test dosage ! 500 mg /week