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Help with First Cycle

Long time lurker first time poster!

I have been trying to plan my first cycle and am torn and don’t know which way to go.

Background, 26 years old, ex athlete, currently training MMA and would like a cycle based around that. This is something i plan on doing in a few months once I drop down to an adequate weight. I am trying to be proactive and have all my ducks in a row prior to starting anything.

I am 6’1 220 (a little soft bf maybe 13-15%) I don’t plan on starting until i get below 200 lbs.

Last year I took some Epistane and it was really dry and had little to no sides and i really enjoyed it. Strength and leaness came out. I liked it because it didn’t add too much mass (which is what i’d like for MMA). The only minor draw back is the lack of lubrication to the joints with epistane. I liked it so much that i bought more bottles that I now have laying around the house.

Last time i was told that Inhibit E would be sufficient for a PCT, after reading more recent posts I have learned that most say Nova is needed for a proper PCT

My question to you is, Which would be better to just run Epistane again (if so standalone or with something? and if you guys could help with a proper PCT) or take some “real” stuff instead.

Please take in mind the fact that i’ll be doing MMA and leaness is a must and it can’t sacrifice cardio.

Thanks in advance all your insight will help.