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Help with First Cycle. Take My Body to the Next Level

What’s up people. I’m very interested in taking my first cycle but I’m unsure on what to take. I’ve done research and see a lot of good options such as products, dosages, pct etc. and I’m just hoping to get some input as to what is most effective and how I can keep my gains after my cycle is over. I’m looking mainly for adding muscle and I’m already aware that decreasing your sodium intake helps with the reduction of water retention so I can keep that nice hard look. I’ve wanted to try “the sauce” for almost a decade and now and with me being 30 I feel like now is a perfect time to try it out. Any and all options are appreciated!!!

Very “general” post. Tell us more about your training, stats, lifts, and goals. Read the “first cycle” posts. Try to put something together showing us you did your research and ask for critiques. Just some suggestions to get more of a response.

I have been training for about 10 years and 6 to 7 days/week for as long as I can remember. 1 or 2 of them being active rest days depending on fatigue level from work. I’m 5ft 9in and weigh about 170 As far as lifts I tend not to push my body to a PR level so I can refrain from injury but I’ll do my best to give some numbers. Bench 320. Deadlift 360. I can’t really do heavy squats because of my knees but I have a descent leg press of 630 and do my best to train them in various different lifts because of that. (Genetics as far as my legs are lacking). And my goal is just to get as big and strong as I possibly can and maintain that for as long as humanly posssible until I’ve recovered fully then hop on a second cycle and so on and so forth as long all of my levels aren’t going crazy.

Dam you picked the wrong forum handle. I would not call you a lightweight. Those are some good numbers. I don’t have any advice just wanted to say welcome.

Consider reading the thread below. Another first cycle thread who was about to do it wrong. Plenty of good advice in there.

So I’ve read through that thread and a few other and it said pretty much just to do a test only cycle at first and have pct on deck for directly after taking 500mg/week but it also said something about arimadex which is a estrogen containment product but it didn’t necessarily say how much to take or when to take it. And I was also wondering if taking a test blend like Sustanon would be the same as just taking a cypionate or enanthate blend? I’d prefer to be shooting twice a week just because of work since I’ll be taking it in my upper thigh and I need to remain mobile but even more so I’d like to get the most out of whatever I decide to take. I appreciate all the help btw

If you can’t get micro doses, say 0.125mg, made at a compounding lab then the 1mg tabs are what others use. Cut the 1mg pill into 4 pieces.
The recommendation to do just T your first time will allow you to see how you deal with a giant slug of T. Everyone responds differently. Crap like 20# of water weight gain, nipples on fire, anxiety and panic attacks, super oily skin followed with acne all over your back and shoulders to name a few. Also don’t be surprized if you don’t feel anything for the first 4 weeks. Yep it can take that long to start feeling stronger and feeling any faster recovery.

I recently had to abort my blast do to bad CBC numbers in my mini blood test. I was able to get to my T cyp steady state. I had to stop on day 48. In those 48 days I took 3 anastrozoles they were .125mg each. I was about 2 weeks in. After that I took none.


If you try to target naddy mid range for E2 you are increasing your risk for joint injuries.

And when is that taken though? I’m sure it’s not all the way through since the estrogen won’t aromatize immediately so is it just last 4 weeks or is it going to be for an extended period of time such as weeks 4-10?

Some will take a very small amount every week. Like .25mg/wk if you know you convert a lot of T to E2 then those might take .25mg x2/wk. Mini Blood test is the only way to know for sure. All that said I use my feelings to tell me when to take an AI pill. I know this answer is all over the place but that is because no one knows how you will respond. Do you see where I am coming from?

Absolutely. It seems like it varies from person to person so you have to see how you respond to the test first, take a low dose of the arimadex and either up the dose if needed or maintain that dosage if it seems to be working.

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Some will dissolve adex in pills vodka. This allows for smaller doses like .1 mg to be taken.

The general advice is take only want you need. If your nipples are on fire, you need some adex. But don’t go overboard. The most common first cycle mistake is crashing estrogen.

Low and high estrogen have a lot of overlapping symptoms. Nipple issues point to high estrogen.

I think you need to spend some time reading up before you do this.

Do t take sustanon if you can get test c or e. You’ll thank me later.

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Yea I’ve read that it’s quite painful for someone’s first cycle. I’m just wondering if it would be worth it though. Will I get more results by taking the sus or will I get the same results if I were to take the test e or c instead? If their is one thing I’ve learned in fitness it’s no pain no gain lol.

The results will be the same. The side effects of the sustanon will likely be more difficult to manage, but you’ll get the same results. It’s really only a good drug on paper. IRL it’s just test but with tougher e2 issues. Not ideal.

Alright. I’ll just stick with test e or c then. No need to put my body through a more difficult recovery if I’m going to yield the same results regardless. Thanks man