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Help with First Cycle and PCT Please!

Whats up guys? Ok i am 22 years old been lifting for about a year and a half… The past year pretty hard but kinda feel like iv hit a stopping point. Im still gonna lift without gear for awhile just to ensure that i get all my natural potential growth. Im 5’10 and about 177lbs. Not positive on my BF% but would guess around 12%. I just want to get fully educated on how to run a proper cycle… Mainly PCT. My first cycle ill probably go with sust 250 and liquid dbol because that is what i have access to… Wondering if for my PCT i could run just nolvadex or clomid and when to start how long to run it and how much.? Like i said im just trying to educate myself as much as possible to keep as much as my gains and to avoid things such as gyno and loss of sex drive etc… Any info would help a lot… Thanks guys.