Help With First Cutting Cycle

I’ve been training seriously for about a year now and have went from 6’2 300lbs 30%bf to 6’2 220 approximately 17%bf. I’ve also been on trt for about 9 months and my protocol is dialed in. 200mg/week with zero side effects.

I’ve leaned out A LOT, but I lack size. My trainer thinks it’s time for me to run some var along side my test to add some size while still leaning out.

Based on my research it seems like var is super expensive and for what it does and the sides it comes with almost isn’t worth it. Is there something else you guys recommend that’s cheaper, stronger, yet still suitable for a real first cycle? Looking for something that can add size, and that can lean me out and add dryness. I only have about 10-20 more lbs to lose and I’ll be done with this cut.

What sides are you referring to?

It can kill libido for some folks and may zap lipids for short periods but it’s known to be relatively safe with fewer side effects than many drugs. I’ve seen folks like @Singhbuilder state at higher dosages (guessing 75-100mg/day) it’s incredible for adding lean muscle and cutting you up.

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Apologies if I missed it but I would not recommend cycling any AAS until your bf is 12% or below.

Diet to get down to 12% with your trt dose, when you’re lean, ANY steroid will work wonders. Believe me on that.


It was mainly the libido, hair loss, and just the rep orals have for being hard on the liver. I know var is supposed to be the easiest of the orals on the liver, but still.

Im guessing since im not having issue with hair loss on test, I should be good with other compounds?knocks on wood

Got you. I’ll probably hold of then, just wanted to go ahead and formulate a plan. sigh 12% so close yet so far. Haha

Anavar is not that expensive, unless you’re talking about getting it directly from a pharmacy. It’s like $60 for 50 pills from a good UGL.

Biggest problem I have with anavar is the assumed notion that it’s safe. I can link data in which AST/ALT goes 2x over baseline for some on a mere 20mg/day… It’s not the most mild oral, and this can be represented with the sheer level of results we see people attaining with the use of this drug. With the notion whatever comes up… must go down, this applies to AAS somewhat too. I mean, look at guys using 80-100mg daily… some say it’s better than tren. It’s milder than say… dbol, winny, anadrol, halo etc

But the mildest orals are without a doubt the non c17AA orals (primobolan acetate and proviron)

I’m very temped to try anavar again (given I think I’m able to get the real deal this time round) whenever I recover… On the fence though as it’s quite toxic (induces rapid dyslipidemia for most… nephrotoxicity is a concern), can’t imagine a short 3-4 wk burst of 20-30mg daily would be particularly detrimental though…

Literature shows 20mg daily drops HDL statistically by 20-30%, increases LDL by 40%… quite the alteration, not as bad as 100-150mg proviron/day (according to literature), or 5mg stanozolol/day (once again… literature)… etc

One must remember that a lack of physical sides doesn’t equate to an enhanced safety profile… what occurs internally may be a vastly differing story from that of what occurs within perception

How long would lipids take to recover after using 50mg/day of Anavar for an average person?