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Help with Final Cycle. Sust/Mast/Tren. Possible Changes?

Hey guys, this is going to be my final cycle for the foreseeable future due to my wife wanting to conceive later in the year. Over the last 2.5 years I’ve done 3 previous cycles spaced appropriately apart. I’m 28 5’11 and currently 182lb pretty leaned out. Always been in good health and all that good stuff.

1.12 week Test/EQ/Dianabol (can’t remember doses but I know it was low) went from weighing 167 to 195. got me hooked
2-3. 12 weekTest P/Tren A/Mast P. Test @ 100mg MWF. Tren A at 50mg MWF. Mast @100mg. For the first 3 weeks doses were half of this.
Took Tamoxifen 20mg ED and Anstrozle at 1mg ED
For PCT I continued with tamoxifen and anastrole and added it clomid @ 50mg ED for 4 weeks then lowered to 25mg for 2 weeks

For this cycle now I’m currently on week 2 of 12. Below is original plan followed by changes that I have thought about making due to finding out that wife wants to conceive later this year (told me like 2 days ago)

Original Plan
Sust 300mgx1ml/Tren A/Mast P

Weeks 1-3
150mg Sust MWF/25mg Tren A MWF/50mg Mast P MWF

Week 4-12 double doses of everything

On cycle support and PCT would be same as previous cycles

Possible Alteration to Original Plan

  1. Not upping dose of sust so it would stay at 450mg/week
  2. going ahead and upping tren a to 150mg/week at start of week 3 and only running tren 8 weeks instead of 12
  3. No changes to mast
  4. After week 10 swap from sust to test prop so that PCT would be more simple due to short Esthers
  5. Taking HCG for 2 weeks post cycle at 500iu 2x week (if I woulda already had it here at start of cycle I woulda ran it at 250iu 2x a week for the length of cycle but since I feel like my boys have already stopped producing their own test I don’t see the point.

**** I’ll be entering week 3 of the cycle on Monday and am basically considering switching from the original plan listed above to this. ( on cycle support and PCT would all be same)

Weeks 1-2 already done (Sust 450/Mast 150/Tren 75
Weeks 3-8. Sust/450/Mast300/Tren 150
Week 9. Sust 450/Mast 300
Week 10-12 Test Prop 300/Mast 300. (mast would be 150 on week 12 due to being the end of a vial or I could just not use mast at all on week 12 and only use test.

HCG 500IU 2x week for 2 weeks starting the Monday after last pin on the previous Friday
Tamoxifen/Anstrozle/Clomid to be followed as mentioned earlier

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. If the wife woulda told me 2 weeks ago I wouldn’t have even ran the cycle, but now that I’m in it, I’m not planning to just stop and throw away that cash. Just wanna make sure its as safe as possible. I also plan to get bloodwork done 3 months after the cycle to make sure I’m in normal ranges. (never gotten bloods done before

Honestly looks pretty good. I like that The Tren dose isn’t too high, Tren when used in cattle was used at 200mg/wk, and is 5x as strong as test mg for mg. You’ll definitely like the benefits of it at that dose, should make you look dry and vascular aswell as help with nutrient partitioning. Looks like a cycle you should enjoy

Edit: I would highly recommend pinning the mast and Tren every day though, otherwise your blood levels won’t be stable. I cycle left and right glute and quad and never have pip issues, and I’d be surprised if you did at those doses

Yeah I know pinning ED would be ideal but I am unable to due to my travel schedule. MWF is as close as I can get. Kinda think I’m over thinking things just because my wife said she’s ready for a kid and I sure don’t need my fertility messed up!