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Help with Figuring Out Calories


I need help/advice on my intake of calories. There are ALOT of days I don't even eat 1,000 calories and if i do it's barely over it. I been trying to cut fat so i figured that would be a good idea to under calorie anyway am I right?

I pretty much thought that my intake of Protein is all i needed to worry about to gain muscle while cutting the fat at the same time or at least maintain the muscle I have while im losing the fat.

I believe my workout routine is pretty good (it was told to me by Ljsimpson on here)
And I think my question is..how many calories Do I need to take in really even while doing cardio and trying to build muscle?

Sometimes I can't always afford Protein powder and supplements so there will be like a month or two I have to rely strictly on food for my protein.
I weigh 183lbs and from what I heard I need to take in about 2,500 calories.
Right now I'm REALLY trying to get more arm shape/cut and also size of muscle developement of my arms.

I feel really confused about the calories thing for where im trying to get to..
To cut means to obviously cut fat and under calorie so you gain lose the fat but by how much do you under calorie without losing muscle?

Do i need to be taking in at least 2,000 cals every day even while trying to lower my body fat percent and gaining muscle? I know im a newbie and obviously confused as hell. Hopefully someone can help me get a full understanding, I been reading as much as I could. Thanks.


By posting this you are showing that you did not spend a lot of time reading articles and the forums on this site... All the answers to your questions have been given multiple times over..

But anyway, can you start off by being more specific? What is your goal? Do you want to be big and muscular, or have a physique like David Beckham? And what is your height? What does your training program look like, and how often do you work out?

I really can't answer the calories thing if I don't know what you look like now and what you want to look like in a few years time.


I'm 5'8...My goal is to be big and muscular.... here is a link of pictures of me and where i want to be...obviously the two guys at the very end in my photobucket account http://s682.photobucket.com/albums/vv189/SoulOnFireJSK/

I workout 3 times a week and here is my routine

Monday = Chest
Flat bench , Pec Deck, Dumbbell flys and random chest workouts

Squats and Deadlifts, leg presses


Highpulls, Preacher Curls, Tricep Pulldowns, Alternating dumbell curls, Shoulder Presses, Lateral Dumbell raises and Pullups and when i remember I do some hammer curls.

August marks my first year of working out, I know im new to this and Have far to go but I think I've made pretty decent progress, excuse the crap quality of my camera. But I can't stand the way my arms look when i stand dead frontwards, it's like my midsection is too wide compared to my arms and my biceps are too thin, maybe hammer curls will help? When i stand to the side i think my arms look pretty decent.


choose a goal. cut fat or gain size. you can't do both.

i doubt you eat under 1k cal a day if you weigh 183. you'd be losing 3+ lbs a week without doing anything. articles on this site about diet would clearly steer you in the right direction. i think you're dumber than you seem.


Oh so your gonna tell me how many calories i take in when I'm the one whose eating them? If anybody is dumber then they seem it would be you. I didn't start a thread for complete assholes/keyboard warriors like you to give fucked up comments.


It's funny that you're calling people dumb when you claim to eat less than 1000 calories a day at 183 lbs.

I maintain 120 lbs at 2000-2500 calories a day. If you are really not losing weight, then go see a doctor, something is wrong with you.


I'm thrilled that your humored but I'm not. Like i said, I didn't ask a question to get mobbed by a bunch of rude assholes and bitches, there must be a reason why you people are completely fucked up towards people for asking a question. Hmm let me guess the next comeback, "you asked for it, your an idiot you dont know this you dont know that" ..Just forget i ever asked a question, delete this thread I don't need fucked up feedback from people. You know, people like yall will get what's coming to you for being such pricks for no reason.


Nevermind buddy, you're right. Keep eating 1000 calories a day and you'll definitely end up big and muscular. God forbid someone point out that you're making a HUGE mistake, lol.

Why did you even ask for help when you obviously know everything?




You point out where I claimed to know everything. Check this out.. if I claimed to know everything, why the fuck would I ask a question? Why did i point out I said i was obviously confused and new to this? I want people to tell me wether or not if im making a huge mistake or not thats why i asked for help/advice. i was saying that If i'm trying to cut some fat should I still be taking in around or over the 2,000 range of calories while i'm still doing cardio and weight training or is the 1,000 or some days under 1,000 calories a mistake basically.

Whats wrong with your eyes, cant you read? I know to build muscle you gotta eat big and the amount of calories to take in, but this question was about how many calories to take in while trying to cut fat and maintain muscle...You feel the need to attack someone and talk shit for no reason when they asked a question, something must be disturbing you whats wrong MarvelGirl? Did your geek ass not get any nerd dick at comic con?


Yes I am obviously extremely retarded and ugly. That's why I think you are a moron for starving yourself in order to drop fat.

Your reading comprehension is excellent though, that's why you would think that 1000 calories is an excellent diet for a 183 pound man. Obviously, all of the articles on this site agree that it's a smart move. The only way to drop fat is to consume the same amount of calories as a four year old child.


OP, quit expecting people to hold your hand. this is the real world and people expect you to put in some work for yourself. you're probably 15-17 and still have your parents dealing with all of life's ugly things so you don't have to. time to grow up and understand that when you do something wrong, you need to take the blame. people will yell at you. get over it. you're not special. we're not going to treat you like you're special. learn some humility, because you ARE asking a question and ARE using stupid information. if you think we're being pricks now, wait until you move out of mommy's house.

every article on diet has some mention of calories needed, because that is the most fucking important part. you obviously missed every single one, or have failed to comprehend any of them. second, at the calories you listed, you wouldn't have to MOVE in order to lose weight. you've obviously decided to guess how much you eat instead of figuring it out. you'd easily pass out eating <1k cals and doing strenuous work, and then you'd lose any fat and muscle you have.

we can't really help you if you don't know where you stand right now. you don't. now you expect help to get your life together so you can make progress. do some legwork and then ask for help when you have some good information.

i'm going to tell you again. grow up and take what's coming to you. no one here wants to hold your hand when you're so boldly ignorant of this site's diet articles. the velocity diet is a great program to lose weight. how can you miss that? that program even recommends 800cal more than what you eat.

if you read any of the diet articles, you could answer your own question. instead, you want people to feed you the answer. that approach does not work in the real world.

1.) record your diet and figure out how much you're eating on a daily basis, plus protein/fat/carb breakdown.
2.) figure out your basil metabolic rate for rest days and workout days.
3.) if you're eating under these numbers, you're losing weight.
4.) if you're not losing weight, getting weaker, or some other problem, post here with your diet and workout. then we can help you.