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Help with Fat Loss

I’ve started on the T-Dawg Diet on thursday I believe, so far so good, I’ve stayed within the 100 carbs and not quite getting all the protein and fats I should be.

The only thing is. It seems to me like I’m gaining weight which freaks me out a bit (I lost something like 30-35 pounds a while back) and I want to keep it off and burn off more and expose more the hard work I’m putting into my body.

I’m on my second bottle of HOT-ROX and I’ve started replacing my last meal of the day with Metabolic Drive (Low Carb).

I went from 225 down to an ultimate low of 179 at one point. I wasn’t by any means starving myself when I was living with my folks for a little bit. I was eating three meals a day and doing little to no activity short of 2 small sets of ab work outs and an hour or less of cardio on a home cycle and it seemed to work. Only now, I go to the gym 5x a week, and try to get an hour and a half of cardio, and I’m trying to eat better, but like I said I think I might be gaining fat more than muscle.

My next HUGE problem is I work at a wal-mart deli, and it’s just so damn easy to eat the fried food we have, and some nights, one week in a row once, I’ve stuffed myself full of said fried food til it felt like it was coming out of my ears. And not just there. I stuff myself full of whatever I can get my hands on it seems lately. I’ve never before eaten like it.

I would like some insight on why this is, and maybe a way to fix my appetite. I would really really love to lose the rest of my fat, but I know it will NEVER happen if I keep eating at work. And it just seems no matter how hard I try to tell myself I don’t want it, I end up eating it anyway, until I feel like I’m going to blow.

Please help me!

I remember I was fat in high school and started eating right to fix that. One thing I could not get rid of were potato chips and once every two weeks I’d binge on two bags.
Eventually I got past it. I’ve also gotten past coke addiction. They felt very similar.

Anyway, getting good habits is the hardest part about this, it really is a test of will. You can make it easier by just restricting the cheat meals. I mean, you just like the taste right? So you can taste whatever it is every night, but just have a bite rather than the whole thing, and chew really slowly and enjoy it rather than wolfing it down. It’s a good exercise in appreciating food anyway.

Oh, and I’m sure you know to eat more P+F and supplement with fish oils.

Thank you I appreciate your feedback. It is all about will, and It was strong at one point, I’m not sure what happened. I just have to suck it up and get over it.
I could probably time my meals better too

Hey there,

How is the HOT-ROX working for you? I used another product and that worked well, but I’d like to hear how the HOT-ROX worked for you I may give it a go.

As for your diet it must be a hard trying to only get the 100 (100 gramss a day i presume?). I went on a low carb and it made me tired! Maybe its just me, I had good results cutting out bread and sugars and bad fats like bacon or chips, Im sure you get my drift. I lost 5kg which is something like 10LBS or around that in 3 weeks.

Looking at my winter belly I need to do it again lol.

Keep us posted with the results you get from HOT-ROX, I’d love to hear about them. also if you got any jitters or anything.