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Help with Fat Loss


Hey Guys.. sorry to bore you with the same old story but i need some help..

Ive been training for 4 years with an average plan to change my physique, i used to weigh 294lbs and im now down to 231lbs

I have put on a fair amount of muscle and im quite happy with my upper body but i cant seem to drop the rest of the fat, i carry alot of fat around my lower back, belly and legs

Im following a diet plan which i have been on for 3 weeks but i dont feel like i look any different.. am i being too impatient? i have done alot of research on this subject and i cant seem to find anything

Any tips or advice would be appreciated, i have hopes of competing so im taking this as seriously as i can

Thanks everyone


Hey Nate. First off, congrats on your success so far; that’s quite an achievement. Assuming you’ve only been cutting for three weeks, then the answer is “wait and see”. It seems that, for me, the first few weeks don’t yield a ton of results unless I’ve drastically reduced calories and carbs and am just getting rid of some bloat. After about 4 or 5 weeks, though, it’s almost like my body says “Oh…you’re trying to lose fat. Ok.” and things start to move.

I know this isn’t a technical answer and I could ask you to tell us everything you eat, the program you’re on, etc. but I think, at this point, patience is in order. If after 6 weeks you’re not seeing improvements, then it’s time to revisit your plan/strategy. Just keep taking measurements regularly and pay attention to what the mirror is telling you.


How tall are you and what is your current diet plan?

Depending on how aggressively you want to cut you should typically eat between 11x and 13x your BW in calories when dieting down. So 3,000 kcal / day would be a good starting point and then based on progress you slowly lower calorie intake and/or add cardio. Macros can vary based on carb sensitivity but you should be getting at least 1 g of protein / lb of bodyweight.