Help with Fat Loss Strategy

Hi ,
Greetings from India

I’m 15 kilos lighter now than 5 months ago, I had lost more but have regained 3 kilos…
So, I manage to lose “weight” with two sessions am cardio and pm lifting and I often go as low as 1500 calories.

  1. If I am not taking a thermogenic /stimulant(s) while in fat loss period - I feel lethargic.
  2. I feel weaker … Arms lose thickness
  3. It’s very difficult to sustain with my daily routine
  4. No matter what, I can’t seem to keep the weight off, I rebound

I need advice on losing weight gradually , and keeping it off…
And lose fat instead of weight. I know the basics - calories are king but I need help with how to go about it.

Being in India, I have a hard time getting any beef.
So I use whole eggs, grilled chicken and whey as protein sources
Rice, porridge , upma, poha(Don’t know what these 2 are called in English :crazy_face:) mashed potatoes sometimes and vegetables too/maybe an odd serving of fruit

And just regular butter and Omega 3 supplements

A slow and gradual approach is new for me! And personally I believe it requires a LOT more discipline

101 kgs , 5’8" , if I had to guess-20% bf,

Hi it’s hard to tell because everyone is different. First of all are you really 20% are are you more? In any case I think you are not eating enough (yeah really) and that 1500 is really low for a 100kgs man. of course it depends of many factors also. When I went from 110 to 83 kgs I really didn’t count my calories and stressed that much, just stopped eating garbage and being patient (more than a year). But know that losing some strength when you lose that much weight is unavoidable.

So you only do two liftings sessions a week? My first advice would be to eat more and also bump that number, maybe like 4 weight sessions and 2 cardios at least.

2 in a day, cardio and weights,

How many times per week?

You did not get the actual issue, I said I only tend to lose weight when I do am cardio them pm lifting (6days a week) and drop down to very low calorie intake. But it stresses me out, a lot , physically and emotionally
I need advice on achieving a more ‘comfortable’ fat loss, so to say!

This is what I would consider to be one of the more ‘comfortable’ fat loss programs. You are only in a deficit 2 days a week on non-consecutive, non-workout days. Could be worth a try.

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Yes, this sounds doable…
I was looking for something like this, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Just 1 question though, eat normally (5 days)means eating at maintainence calories or what one would normally eat in a fat loss phase(suppose 500 deficit)

The few times I have used this protocol, I ate at maintenance for 5 days per week and had success. I would start there. This method should take you to a pretty respectable level of leanness if you have intelligent programming to accompany it.

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