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Help with Fat Loss Nutrition Plan

Hey Guys,

I just need some reassurance with my diet plan . I used Christian thibs modified Harris-Benedict formula to calculate the BMR.

With a body fat percentage of 20% @ 209 pounds or 95kg @ 22 years and 175cm in height, my total calorie consumption came to 2932 calories per day. I am trying to loose bodyfat, so im using only 85% of the total calories as my max calorie intake.

I train about 6 times a week which includes cardiovascular training sessions.

Results = 2482cals

Protein 256g
Carbs 186
Fat 82

Where i need assurance is the 82g of fat. I thought it was a bit too much to be consuming especially if im trying to loose body fat? I am fully aware that these fats are essential and not fully sourced from Fried Chicken, but still 82g ?

Please help as i want to reach close 10% bodyfat, keeping as much as muscle as I can.

Sure lower the fat and bump up the carbs a bit. You’ll miss them later when you’re further into your cut.

All the fat we need is either incidental or supplemental, I see no reason to be measuring out extra olive to make up the missing grams, just as long as you’re getting the right fats in physiologically adequate amounts.

You will get plenty of mixed opinions on this. I personally think you should stick with what you’ve got there, 82g of fat is fine. When you’re trying to lose body fat, you want to keep insulin quieter. Your current daily carb intake is at a good starting level.
I think what you have there is a perfect starting diet whilst at a higher bodyfat %. Keep that up for 3 months and you will see very noticeable changes to body composition.

In the future, you can experiment with keeping carbohydrates higher on days you do weight trainings essions (periworkout), and decreasing fat on these days, then on days you do your cardiovascular work / rest days, reducing the carbohydrates and increase the fats.

This is a simple form of carb cycling if you want to give it a label. Its less headache I find, then working out high, medium and low carb days.

Whatever works in the end. This should work. Final answer is no, in my opinion 82g of fat is not high. It is very good. It will keep you full for longer, make your food taste good and provide ample essential fatty acids provided you get those fats from good sources (fish oils and walnuts, advocados EVOO red palm oil and macadamia nut oil, coconut butter animal fats and regular butter).

I also agree that 82g isn’t “too” high by any means, unless you’re having trouble getting that much fat in your diet.

It won’t break the diet one way or the other, do what ever is most comfortable.

cheers for the input guys, definatly helps me like dieting. and yes i will try the carbcyclin approach suggested.

thanks again