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Help with Fat Loss Diet


Hi guys,

My goal is to get into single digit Bodyfat, how ever long that will take me from here in.

Have been training for 4 years rather consistently. Started at 134lbs 4 years ago when I first stepped into a gym.

At the moment I am 197lbs, 183cm tall (6ft) and currently 13% Bodyfat according to a skin fold test (4 sites).

Have been dieting for around 6 Weeks.

My diet is exactly this;

WakeUp 5:30am:
Dyma-Burn Xtreme x 1
JOG for 30mins (6 times a week)
2 Scoops PHD Pharma Whey 4.5kg OR (if i can stomach it) 3 whole eggs and 3 egg whites raw!
1 Cup Rolled Oats uncooked (but then cooked obviously) w/ tablespoon of Splenda (usually cant eat this much oats, so end up throwing out 1/4 of it).

250g grilled Chicken Breast
1 Cup of Cooked Brown Rice
2 Table spoons of low fat mayo

250g grilled Chicken Breast
1 Cup of Cooked Brown Rice
1 Cup of Tomato Pasta Sauce stuff
spinkle of sea salt usually

200g Tuna
2 Handfulls of Baby Spinach
table spoon of tomato sauce
table spoon of low fat mayo

Training Days:
Workout - weights(1hr)
2 Scoops PHD Pharma Whey 4.5kg

Non-Training Days:

200g grilled Beef
2 Cups of Broccoli
1 Slice of low fat cheese


Diet is this 7 Days a week, with the excpetion of Sunday/Friday night (only one) I will have replace the 200g grilled beef with a cheat meal - usually pasta, burger or sometimes a large pizza... plus maybe some chocolate...

So thats 5 meals a day on Non-Training Days and 6 meals a day on Training Days.

On Fitlog it says im deficent around 200 carlories. but what happens with this diet is I usally get to around 12-13% (where I am now) and I don't seem to drop any more weight or bodyfat. I kinda just float here. Well really because I don't know what to do!

I find if I drop carbs, I seem to lose weight but my bodyfat will remain the same (losing muscle???). So where do I drop calories?

BUT I also don't feel like im eating enough. most people say eat every 2-2.5 hours, but i dont want to add another meal... would just be more calories!

Last thing is I think my condiments arn't helping my goal. but what can I add to my food for taste while I am dieting?

Any advice would be helpful,

If I need to provide more info please indicate...

Can post pictures of my current condition if anyone cares.


follow the paleo diet of a gluten free diet for the long term.

for the short term try the Velocity Diet.


You dont eat between 12:30 and 5?


Thats right. should I have having a meal in between that?

and would that mean I would need to eat less at each other meal?


Have a snack, a shake, something.

Dont change anything else.

And yes, your condiments are not helping.

Learn to cook with herbs and spices. Balsamic vinaigrette on your tuna/spinach meal would be pretty damn good. Plus you get good fats, something that is lacking in your present diet.


Oh I forgot to add I also have
1 x Multi-vitamin
1 x 1000mg Omega-3 Fish Oil tablet
both in the morning if I can stomach them, or just sometime in the day.

Thanks that sounds good. I used to have my chicken breast with just soy sauce. but gets really gross after awhile. Maybe bbq sauce? not sure what else you can have with chicken breast that tastes ok???

I can eat steak with only just some salt quite comfortably. sometimes even without.

With the snack/shake. should I have some peanut butter with some rice cakes/rye bread as well? or just a shake?


You're averaging about 2200 calories a day, 1100 from protein, 500ish from fat, and about 600 from carbs. For me, I think you're better off trying to get those two numbers switched around, but that depends on how well your body deals with carbs in the first place.

It's the cheat meals that are killing you. A large pizza is a HUGE amount of carbs and fats together. Unless you plan on burning through an extra 1000 calories between eating it and bed, you're going to keep some of it with you. The same goes for the chocolate and the burger.

Also, keep in mind that when you reduce your carb intake, you do "Shrink" a little bit. It's not what it seems though, it's actually just less glycogen and fluid being stored in your muscles, which can be kind of demoralizing. It also can mean you still see 12% bodyfat when its closer to 10%, because you're deflated. If you lower your carbs, always plan your next bf test to be the day after a reload so you can get a real idea of where you're at.


Don't worry about salt. It is what makes food taste good, and unless you have a shoot or a show within a week, use it as much as you like.


Dude all you gotta do is drop ten pounds and you'll be right around single digit bodyfat. How about increasing cardio a bit before changing the diet up, if you can stand it. Personally I wouldn't add BBQ sauce as its just added carbs, go with a hot sauce.


what about your lift numbers? are they the same or less since you started fat loss?