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Help with Fat Fast

I’m getting ready to start a fat fast for 3 weeks before thanksgiving, get myself dropping weight going into the holidays so I don’t wreck myself over them. I think the results I see here will kind of kick start the motivation. I was wondering if anyone had used low carb Grow for it, and if they’d counted all the cals from it, or just the protein? Also, would it work better with a blend from Protein factory, and what kind would you recommend to make it work, and at least close enough to drink able to where you can choke it down. Also, what other supplements would you use now that MD-6 is gone, and androsol? And do you still use the workout that he does in the article, or has anyone found that Meltdown or Fat to Fire works better in this circumstance? Please respond if you’ve done this, I’m hoping to get it started now, to keep from gaining too much over the holidays, then starting the new year with a 6 week fast, this is basically a trial run. Thanks.

how bout you do a search on t-mag for the fat fast experiment, and the fast fast experiment II as pretty much all of your questions are answered.

count all the macro values from Grow. Mix some more casein in the grow protein if you want. i sometimes use a 1:1 ratio and it still tastes good. you can still find MD-6 on the web. use 4-ad-ec instead of androsol. its the same compound. don’t forget your T2 and T2-pro. you want to keep your metabolism juiced while on the low carb diet. Meltdown is definitely a good fat loss routine. You’ll get in shape also. laters pk

so you want to slow down your metabolism, endure a horrific diet for 3 weeks just in time to gorge yourself on turkey day then xmass then get it back again? hmm… I’ve used low carb grow, it tastes ok, but you will be dying for some solid food feel, don’t know how protein factory blends taste. If you can’t get md6 then get some thermogenic from some other company, cuz you will be crawling like a tired monkey without it (and with it still but not as bad… seriously its going to be hard walking up the stairs).

I’m about to start a 20-day fat fast after gaining 20, losing 20 (living in the 3rd world is a great way to lose weight), than gaining 30 lbs. this year. Going to use 4-AD-EC 10 days, than Methoxy-7 at 3X/day 10 days, and some generic ECA if I can’t find MD6. Also going to do Meltdown training. Using cheap protein, along with 6 egg whites and 1 can tuna every day.

There is still a ton of MD6 around, if you can’t find any you obviously don’t know what an internet search engine is.

I think using the Fat Fast to prepare for Thanksgiving is a terrible idea, unless you plan onobserving the holiday keto fasion.

Denying yourself of carbohydrates, using and E/C stack, amoung other things are going to basically create a huge decrease in insulin sensitivity. So, again, unless you plan on having your Thanksgiving dinner sans carbs, you're going to experience a tremendous rebound effect and gain back most, if not all of the fat you lost.

A moderate approach would be a better idea for now, along with a very calorically demanding routine for the holiday season. Post-holidays, the FF might be a better idea.

Hope this helps.

Thanks John, I hadn’t thought about the insulin sensitivity, I just had looked in the mirror and after spending the last few months on crutches (achilles surgery), I looked in the mirror once I got cleared to exercise again, and it kinda pissed me off how far I’d fallen, so I wanted to see some muscle in there again. I had already looked at FFE 1 and 2, and they both came out with the old supps on there, I thought that 4 AD EC would be best, wasn’t sure if MAG 10 was overkill or not. Thanks for the advice though.

look with the added supplements like md-6 and fish oil i would not worry too much about losing insulin sensitivity. I’m assuming that would also stick with a Surge type drink during your workouts. Mag-10 would be overkill for a fat loss program. Try the t-dawg diet for a while and see what kind of results you get. Then maybe you can transition into the fat fast diet. I did t-dawg while on androgens and got amazing results. laters pk

know what you mite wanna try? the cheater’s diet…so far in two weeks ive been doing it i lost 1.5%bf while keeping my weight at 200 lbs at 5’9’’…using mag-10, md-6, and T2 Pro…so far i love the results, and the fact that i get two nites to carb up makes it easier to stay on the diet…read the article by joel, also the steroid diet article combined with the cheater’s diet is a good one too…oh and by the way if you wanna get a hold of md-6 dpsnutrition 20 bux a bottle 3 for 55…and netrition.com had old T2 on sale for 10 bux, from what i gather old version is more potent. by the way…im using meltdown with my cheater’s diet…killer, plan on methoxy and tribex after the mag-10 cycle is done.