Help with Exercises on 'Upper' Days

Happy Holidays everyone.

I’m running an upper/lower split at present (upper-lower-OFF, repeat) at would love for someone to critique my choices of exercises for the upper days. At present I alternate two contrasting upper days, so I’m getting 2-3 upper sessions a week:

Upper 1:

Standing DB OHP 3 x 10-12 (1 arm 10-12 then other arm 10-12)
Weighted pull-ups 3 x 10-12
Flat DB bench 3 x 10-12
DB hammer curls 2 x 15-20
Triceps bar pushdowns 2 x 15-20

Upper 2:

Standing BB OHP 3 x 10-12
DB rows 3 x 10-12 each arm
Low incline DB bench 3 x 10-12
BB curls 2 x 15-20
One-arm rope triceps pushdowns 2 x 15-20

Thanks in advance!

Back work should be twice the amount of your pressing, not the other way around. Start with back, then move to chest, shoulders, then arms.

I would try:

Incline bench 3x
vertical pull 4x
lateral raises 3x
biceps 3x
triceps 3x

Flat bench 3x
Rows 4x
Rear delts 3x
biceps 3x
triceps 3x

If you really need to OHP I would drop one of the bench presses to include it.

[quote]NelsonPippin wrote:
At present I alternate two contrasting upper days[/quote]
Those aren’t “contrasting” upper days. They’re nearly-identical except for some very minor exercise variations.

Contrasting would be dramatically different set/rep schemes from one day to the next. A heavy/lower rep day and a relatively-lighter/moderate to high rep day (plugging in the exercises that work “best” in those ranges) is the simplest way to do that.

Look at these programs to see what a solid upper/lower split can look like:

I’m curious what your lower body days look like.