Help with ED Problem

Hello guys

Heres a little brief on my issue…

Well mainly ive been suffering ED for the past 3 years. Its been an up and down battle and i thought id naturally over come it but that doesnt seem to be working.

Long story short i did a couple of cycles during 2016-17 and wasnt cleaning up properly. Only knowledge i knew was to take some nolvadex/clomid and boost myself with some HCG post cycle and that it would fix it all.

Anyhow after my last cycle i didnt end up recovering properly.

I came to this forum 2 years ago and followed KSmans protocal and i managed to up my fsh/lh free t and total t.

but still they didnt hold up properly. I thought i had some kind of primary/secondary hypogonadism. After months and months of supplementation and a couple of re-tried PCTs such as:

Day 1-16 HCG 2500 EOD

Day 1-30 Clomid 100mg ED

Day 1-45 Nolvadex 20mg ED

Anyhow after a while my tests ended up like this:

FSH 1.5 miU/mL range: 1.4-15.4

LH 1.6 miU/mL range:1.5-9.4

FTest: 9.0 pg/mL range 5.4-40

TTest: 6.3 ng/mL range 1.6- 7.53

Prolactin: 13.86 ng/mL range 4-15

E2: 20 pg/mL upto 40

fT3: 3.25 pg/mL range 2.3-4.2

fT4: 1.15 ng/dL range 0.89-1.75

Cholesterol, blood glucose, SHBG, kidney, liver, CBC, all in range.

You’ll think my fsh and Lh are low but its not affecting my semen analysis in any way.

Total count/mL 96million

Total Motility: 80%.

Im not depressed or anything. I maintain quite a healthy lifestyle and i still workout 5-6 days a week.

Age: 29

Weight: 75kg

Height 170cm

So basically all my numbers are in place, whats wrong with me? I have basically no sex drive and therefor i cant maintain an erection unless i take Viagra and it works 8/10 times. But i dont wanna be living on it. Am i missing anything here? What do i do? Any doctors in particular i should go to? am i missing any more tests ?

What are the lab ranges?

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Hello. i edited the post with the ranges

LH and FSH are at the bottom of the range. Free test is pretty low as well while total test is in range. So I assume SHBG is pretty high, although I don’t see it listed. Prolactin is a little high.

With that in mind, I’ll say this: arousal is just as much mental as it is physical. And if you’ve been struggling for three years it wouldn’t be altogether hard to imagine that some of your performance issues are being exacerbated by the fear that you’ll have continued performance issues. Know what I mean? Viagra should not work 8/10 times. It should work 10/10 times if you’re in the right mental place for arousal and sexual activity. So something else is happening downstream that needs to be addressed. Either it’s your hormone profile (which, I mean, it doesn’t look great) or it’s in your head. A combination of both is where my money would be.

The numbers you have along with your symptoms tell me that TRT is probably in your future. You ran some cycles, you recovered, but maybe not enough to be back to normal. We try to warn people here all the time that yes, most guys recover from cycles just fine, but some simply do not. There’s a number of people within the distribution of outcomes that end up being far off from their baseline. Seems like you’re one of those guys.

Next step is to attempt something like Clomid monotherapy and see if that helps at all. Low doses (maybe 25mg twice a week) for a month, then blood work to see how much (if any) change there is to your numbers, and also continued monitoring your actual symptoms. After that you’ll know if you’re ever getting back to normal or if you’re going to have to start TRT.

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WAY too much HCG in my opinion. HCG would be just as surpressive as testosterone at that dosage. Why do people take so much?
Same goes for the other stuff you were taking.
Too much.
Too much clomid.
Too much nolva
The idea of this stuff is to kick start the motor. Not flood it.
Nolva or clo by itself would be better imo.

You took AAS, and then a crazy amount of serm and HCG. It’s going to take a long time to recover. You may never fully recover. Maybe think about going on TRT.

And I’m sure you are supplementing with vitamin D3. But just in case. Be sure to get that in


thanks for your reply.
Im with you with the psychological issue, i was starting to think thats the issue aswell.
As you stated the FSH/LH are low but that shouldnt affect sex drive/arousal that much right?
As much as i know they mainly are for sperm production and for the testes to work. And my semen analysis is very good.
As for the SHBG: 29 nmol/1. Range: 10-50.
The prolactin is a little high yes i guess. But it really just fluctuates every now and then. An earlier test was 4.1. So its not really usually high.
What do you think i should do then? work on those slightly out of range numbers?
So lets say:
FSH/LH increase and lower Prolactin?
Never really thought about lowering it so what do i do?
I had a very small lump of gyno and its barely visible but when i feel up under the nipple its there.
Could this be an issue? If i squeeze on it it produces a little bit of a discharge(brown) got it checked up and all the docs told me to leave it as it is it isn’t anything serious.
Now you know everything regarding my case, what do u you think i should do to start?
Thanks for the detailed reply btw i appreciate it.


this was my final attempt for a PCT and it was a high dose of SARMs to “shock” the systems and force it to restart(as i know). Before this pct i stated if i remember correctly i did:
Hcg 250 eod for 5 week
Nolva eod 20mg for 5 weeks after finishing the HCG and doing bloodwork.

The thing is i dont wanna be doing TRT since i want to be fertile. I could go to that route when i end up getting a kid or two and then freeze some sperms and go down that route if its my final option

I am in the same boat. Did you figure it out?

Not really no. Let me know if you find a solution :grinning: