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Help with Drawing Proper Dosage

Hey everyone, short post here. I was prescribed 200 mg/ml Cypionate once every 2 weeks. However, I will be injecting 50mg every 3.5 days like most of you recommended. The only problem I have is that i’m unsure on how to properly draw the correct amount. My syringes I picked up seem to leave to much room for “eyeballing” instead of being exact. Is there a specific needle/syringe I should be using to draw 50mg (1/4) out of the 200mg? I really don’t want to overdose myself accidentally lol. Thanks guys

Not especially, guys use anything from 23g 1in to 29g 1/2in needles. Some injecting smaller doses might use 31s. Since you’ll be injecting only 1/4mL, the smaller, 29g, shorter needle should be fine. Some feel you have to get it deep into the muscle, but your labs will indicate whether you’re absorbing well. I know some very heavy (obese) guys that needed 1.5in needles.

The bottle says 200mg/ml meaning for every 1ml you get 200mg. So .5ml on the syringe is 100mg and .25 is 50. The syringe will say how many ML it holds. Then just do the match. If you get a 1ml syringe then it’s easy. .25 is 50.

I had the same issue at first … go Ahead and post a pic if your really that confused and someone will confirm. Not a big deal if you take a little more or little less, as long as your consistently dosing within range.

My syringe goes to 3ML, was hoping I could find a 1ML syringe but i’m not sure where I can get them.

That’s a big one dude. Which state? In Texas pharmacies carry. Look for a medical supply store. Or find a diabetic :blush:

I’m in Florida

I use 3ml barrel. There should be a 1ml mark and then there should be A halfway point between 1 and 0. It’s easy to spot. Just do half of the halfway point. If you are a little bit off it shouldn’t make a difference.

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Yah it’s not hard . Just do it, post a pic for confirmation. Next man up and stab yourself.