Help with Doctors That Just Don't Know

Hi I’m Tony

I’m 40 years old and I suffered with low T for 15 years of my life. Two years ago I was 360 pounds and in terrible condition and was just fed up with Doctor’s just handing you a piece of paper with a diet on it that has been copied five thousand times and telling that if you eat 1500 calories a day you will lose weight it never working when you really try and then having them tell you didn’t follow the diet. What I have learned so far in this process is that doctors are not smart just because they are doctors. Now the good news. I found a Doctor that listened to me when I told her that about 15 years ago for no particular reason I just gained 80 pounds that felt like it happened over night she asked me more questions ran some blood work and determined that my T-Level was less than 100. I then started using a T replacement compound that I rubbed on my shoulder every day I believe it was 70ml/mg. I started losing weight so quickly and over the next year was down to 232 pounds.

However my liver didn’t like the cream and I was only able to get my T-level to about 260. I then went to the Injections twice a week .4cc on Tuesday and Friday. This worked really well as on my last visit to the doc on 3/11 my T- Level at the end of a cycle was 696. The problem is that my Estrogen was now climbing to 50.8 I asked my doc about Arimidex and she said she didn’t like it and put me on clomid 50mg a day. Three months later and I feel like the stay puffed marsh mellow man which I’m assuming It’s water weight. I have gone back up to 260 from 232 and kind of leveled out at that weight but I’m not happy about it. I’m about to go for blood work in a few days. Any suggestions?

Find a new Dr. Call standard and compounding pharmacies in your area asking for doctors who prescribe testosterone cyp and anastrazole/arimidex for men. At compounding pharmacies ask for doctors who prescribe hCG for men. Higher body fat means higher t to e aromatization.

Do not ignore your thyroid. Get a fresh set of labs done and post here:

total t
free t
e2 male sensitive
skip LH will be near zero and waste of money

For three days take your waking oral temp before getting out of bed, drinking, showering etc. Should be above 97.3. Do same in early afternoon. Should be very close to 98.6. Post results here as well.

Read everything you can in this trt section of the forum.

You need to find a new doctor. TRT is useless if you don’t control E2.

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Post your lab work with ranges.
Inability to absorb transdermal T is a symptom of thyroid problems which could also explain your weight gain.

Did you stop using iodized salt, reducing the iodine that your thyroid needs?

Labs: include
AM cortisol, not random cortisol
fasting glucose
fasting cholesterol

Hi I just got my tests back. Temps are normal.

Total T: 673
Free T: 143.8
Estradiol: 43.0
Shbg: 16.4
Prolactin: 6.1
Cortisol: 14.0
TSH: 1.580
FT4: 0.84
FT3: 2.83
Reverse T3: 15
CBC: N/a

Could you please post ranges as well?

You could get ft higher! You have some thyroid problems it’s my suspicion with the low ft4

I would be burning my nips off with a hot poker at e2 of 43.

Are those results while taking 50 mg of clomid per day?

That is two 100ml/mg shots per week and 50mg of Clomid daily.

How were you feeling the day of the blood draw?

Ranges would still help, but your e2 would make me feel sluggish and emotional.

I’m really surprised that at 200 mg’s of Test per week your T is so low.

Ideally, it would be nice if your Dr could be convinced to drop the clomid and prescribe an AI like anastrazole/armidex and also hCG.

I wish you would have gotten LH tested. There’s some debate on whether or not our HPTA axis gets shut down while on TRT doses while administering a SERM like you are.

One person’s results proved that he still got shut down and his LH was still close to zero. I’d like to see a larger sample size than one person obviously.

I’ll go get that test done if you think it will be helpful?

For you it really won’t. It would just serve my curiosity.

What about the rest of my post and questions?

I feel fine on the blood draw day. Why do you ask that? Doc didn’t send me the ranges I’ll get this tomorrow. I feel really sluggish like I can’t get enough sleep. I also have joint pain in my neck, knees and ankles. I’ve had me T tested at the beginning of the cycle and I’m right around 1250 and the number seems consistent at the end of the cycle.

I’m surprised that you felt fine with your e2 level being so high. I have insomnia when my e2 gets too high but the joint pain typically indicates low e2, which you clearly don’t have, so I’d have to chalk it up to age, inflammation or injuries etc.

I don’t think you’re going to feel good on that protocol. Your e2 is always going to be high and I don’t believe that a SERM like clomid or nolvadex is going to protect your testicles from atrophy while on TRT, which is what hCG will do.

Ideally, it would be nice if your Dr could be convinced to drop the clomid and prescribe an AI like anastrazole/armidex and also hCG. If they cannot be convinced, you should find a new Dr. I cannot stress this last point enough.

She switched me to Anastrozole today. I’ll get blood work in three months. I’ll ask about hcg.

What dose of anastrazole?

1 mg daily…Madame time everyday.

And from your own reading and research, especially from this site, do you think 1 mg of anastrazole per day is a good dose for you?

All aboard, next stop, crash city! CHOO-CHOO!