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Help with Doctor


Year: 20
length: 182 cm
Weight: 80 kg
total t: ~ 450 ng/dl

Hi made another thread before about low t and haven't found any doctor that's willing to help me about the problem yet.
I will try at an urology next, but it's 7 weeks left til he can see me, The wait time is ridiculous.
I've been try to call other doctors too but for them i need approval from the health center and they refuse to help me. (I live in Sweden - Eskilstuna if anyone know a doctor there)

*Low to 0 sex drive (attracted to Girls but no sexual desire)

*Never morning wood unless i really need too pee

*No energy feels like a gummy worm the day after workout (Good food intake 3500-3700/day )

*Hard time gaining muscle been training 5 years total but the first 2 was not that serious that the last 3 years (looks like I've been training half year)

*Hard to get good pump at the gym, tried every method out there

*I sleep 10-12 hours unless i need to go up after 8 (still as tired), Hard time falling asleep

*I am not depressed, I just do not care about anything, no joy, no motivation, no reward

So for my next visit to the doctor i am thing about doing:

*So i will just eat protein 7 days before the test ( but how much can i eat per day, doesn't too much protein convert to Fat or carbs if i eat to much) ?

*Workout 2 times a day, mostly cardio ( can i take PWO before the workout or will this effect my test)

*Drink alcohol ( should i start 48 hours before or 24 ?)

*Get as little sleep as possible 4-5 hours day and No sleep 24 hours before ( can i take redbull to keep myself awake or will this effect my test?)

*Eat licorice root around 3,000 mg a day for 6 to 10 days until the test

So how much can i lower my Testosterone with this? i am around 450 Total now.

The reason i am doing this is because i should have the time of my life and i feel like an old man.
I don't even enjoy traveling and drink / meting girl. I want to feel young happy and have the time of my life, and i think this is the way to get me there.

Best regards- Jonas


Anyone ??