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Help with 'Do The Opposite' Program


Hello. I am intrigued with this style of lifting and would like to begin it within the next couple days as I'm wrapping up my current program. The problem I have is my snatch (and variants) and my clean (and variants) form is awful. I don't have access to coaching, and practicing the movements time and again, on my own, hasn't helped. I just can't seem to get the timing down, as much as I'd like to. Those 2 lifts comprise almost the entirety of two days worth of the program so I can't just skip over them. Could you recommend replacement movements? I could probably come up with something, since I read the article, and understand the principles, but I would like a CT stamp of approval so I know it's something worth doing.
Thank you, in advance. Much appreciated.


Anyone have any suggestions?


Keep practicing i'd say or look for another program. Much love to the snatch grip high pull though! Its one of my favorites lifts!

btw are you looking in a mirror? I wouldn't personally. The only thing i really do in front of mirrors are curls and delt work. I find it best to visualize my lifts.


I'm not one to look in the mirror, no. My snatches, based on feel, more closely resemble heavy reverse curls. I can't seem to keep the bar path close enough to my body. Even from the hang.


I would try breaking down the movements into easier-to-lean pieces. For example, instead of doing a full snatch (snatch plus squat) I'd try maybe doing just a one arm snatch with a dumbbell without the overhead squat. Then maybe after you could practice just the overhead squat. For the clean you could do the same thing. Clean first, then practice the front squat, and then after the jerk. Once you get good at all of them separately you can intergrate them. Also, I would make sure you're strong and flexible on all the big lifts (squat, bench, deadlift) first before trying to learn the Olympic lifts.


You don't have to do the program as is. You need to understand the principles so that you can make modifications if needed. The "opposite" article was not meant to give a program, it was there for illustration purposes. The concept is doing the opposite of what you normally do. Using methods, exercises, loading schemes that you never use spread over. Training split that is different nd new to you.

If you are doing high reps, do low reps
If you re doing 3 sets per exercise do 5 or 6
If you are doing 4 exercises per muscle do 2
If you are hitting each muscle once or twice per week try training the whole body 4x per week
If you are doing each exercise by itself do antagonist pairings

Or vice versa...


Thank you for the reply. I understand it was to illustrate a concept but I liked the upper body example and was looking for a CT approved lower example.
I'll come up with something.