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Help With Dinner Ideas


Ok I work from 11am to 8pm sunday throught thursday....I have a one our lunch and 2 15 minute breaks, my problem is dinner!! What should I do or what can I do if I can leave the store or dont have time to make dinner the day/night before?? Need some help....I dont want my body to eat my lean muscle! I want to keep all the muscle i can keep!! (since I am trying to loose body fat and gain muscle)...


Use a crock pot. Start it before you leave for work, dig into it when you get home.

I like to put some chicken breasts with some chopped vegetables and seasoning into mine. Add a quarter cup of liquid (broth, water,beer, etc.).

When you get home it will be falling apart and you can eat as is or add it to a low carb wheat tortilla.

This works with beef roasts as well.


I use my crock pot to make beef stew, pot roast and ribs.

Easy to do.

If you can't make something the night before (I always do this), then it sounds like you'll need to go out for dinner. Find the best food you can under the circumstances.


only downfall is, After work I hit the gym, which is around 830-845....What should i do then....


I'm in the same boat. So far I've just been toughin it out and grilling at 9pm. I'm looking for ideas also. I take a PB sandwich and shake to work. The only thing I can think of for after work is another sandwich, maybe tuna or egg salad.


Eat after your workout.


A pre-cooked (already hot) chicken from the grocery store, bought on the way home from work, with nuked frozen vegetables as a side dish might be an occasional option. (It's worth checking the nutrition info on the particular type/ brand of chicken, though.)


Sandwiches are an easy dinner, and healthy if you make it right. Other options- low-carb breakfast burritos, hamburgers (minus the bread, add lettuce etc).


I'm refining a system where I make a large pot of some all-in-one type dish like a stew or casserole that I can reheat and eat throughout the week, then have prewashed salads w/ grilled or sauteed meats that I replenish about twice a week and then the occasional snack, MRP and quick meal (sandwich, leftover smorgasbord, quick breakfast omlette, Grow! cereal, etc).