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I’ve been lifting weights and doing cardio on a regular basis for the past three or four months and I’ve definitely seen the results. My clothes fit much better than they did a year ago, I’ve dropped a size in pants and I can see a lot of definition in my legs and chest. However, I still think I must change my eating habits. I’ve stopped eating after 8 PM, because I usually go to bed around midnight, but during the day time I still eat alot of junk food. My problem is that I really don’t know what I should eat. Can somebody please give me some advice on creating a proper diet?

i just started the anabolic diet this past week, and i must say that i am happy so far, i can already see a difference in my stomach and other stubborn areas of my body. it might be worth a shot!

Do ya really want to look good?
Are you sure?
If you are then there is enough written on the subject to fill a football stadium.
The trouble is that basically everything will work if you stick to it.
the trouble is the sticking part.

Here’s a simple formula.

Eat steak, eggs, chicken, lean pork, fish.
Take one of the above with all your meals and add either a salad or other green vegetable like brocolli with a bit of olive oil for dressing.
Walla. You lose weight fast.

Cut the carbs and up the protein.
Keep the fats low.

It’s that easy.

Carry your meals with you in tupperware containers. Eat every 3 hours.

That’s the BIG secret to losing fat.

No big deal right?

You want to make it easier? Eat brocolli and steak until you get to where you want to go.
And if your real worried about losing size do one of two things.
Add a shake post workout with some carbs or up the protein intake.
It won’t kill you to eat that way for 6 weeks and in that time you will lose a shit load of fat and provided you work out hard you will retain most of your lbm.

That’s Greys secret diet in a nutshell.

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I recommend reading everything Drs. Berardi and Lowery and Mr. Barr have written on T-Nation.